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AZ Giving: One in a Million


To give is something we will never forget. There is an immense appreciation that comes from giving back. Not only is there one way to help out — there are millions. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale (BGCS) is rolling out the One in a Million fundraising challenge. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Ellie and Michael Ziegler, the couple will be matching $1 million in donations. BGCS’


AZ Giving: The GirlTalk Network

GirlTalk Cover 

The GirlTalk Network unites women from across America and offers them support with mentorship and guidance. Sarah Pendrick, the founder of GirlTalk says, “I wanted to create a movement and place that any woman could go to no matter what stage in their life.” 



Pendrick grew up in the Valley with her two best friends, Nikki and Brie Bella, who are also a part of the GirlTalk organization. She decided to start the organization because she wanted to join together...


A Real Home: Gabriel’s Family Journey Out of Homelessness

Gabe Cropped

by Candy Thompson

A van in a parking lot is not what most families would call home. But at the time, it was the only option for Daisy, her husband and their four young boys. When she looked at her children scrunched up in the back of the van, she felt the stab of emotional pain as any loving mother would.

“Sleeping in the van broke my heart,” Daisy recalled. “The kids didn’t understand what was going on. They would always ask, ‘When are we going to bed?’ Going to sleep in the van wasn’t going to bed.”

Like many homeless families, their crisis began with a single...


AZ Giving: Make March Meaningful



 With a whole month that is dedicated to helping the lives of those who need it most, The Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation (PCHF) is rolling out its Make March Meaningful (MMM) campaign. Through all of March, you can visit local businesses that will donate proceeds to The Hope Fund (THF). THF was created to benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and creates new programs, helps aid in research, provides charitable care, equipment, and so much more.

You can increase your day-to-day giving by going to businesses that are participating in the fundraiser. Go to Big O...


A New Leaf: Telling Untold Stories, Jason's Story

Jason MesaCAN 17

by Candy Thompson

Jason worked as a professional plumber for more than 20 years but found himself unemployed when Arizona’s housing market collapsed. He had never competed for employment before and wasn’t sure where to start. Jason’s meager savings dwindled over the next four years while he worked odd jobs and without adequate health insurance. He struggled to find the necessary care his wife Shawna’s multiplying health needs required. When he did, it wasn’t affordable.

Although Jason had decades of professional work experience behind him, he had absolutely no experience in navigating a competitive...

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