Unknown Adrenaline Activities in Arizona

Arizona does not fall short when it comes to adrenaline activities.  While you might know about the various waterfalls for cliff jumping, there are a few low profile adrenaline activities only the most adventurous of adrenaline lovers know about.  Check out two of these under advertised adventure activities below.

1.  Marble Canyon Bungee Jump

Marble Canyon, located on the Northern rim of Grand Canyon National Park, is one of the top destinations for bungee jumping in the United States.  The bridge over this section of the canyon is 467 feet deep, giving jumpers near 120-150 feet of exhilarating freefall.  There is only one company in Arizona know for this “Grand Canyon Bungee Jump.”  One of the most highly acclaimed bungee jumping companies in the United States, Bungee Expeditions, offers this once in a life time experience for just $250.  This price accounts for the highest of safety standards.


Check out a video of this awesome jump below.

For information on pricing and other bungee destinations, visit bungee-expeditions.com.

 2.  Solo Skydiving in Eloy

Skydive Arizona in Eloy, known for being the Disneyland for skydiving, is notorious for its thrilling and safe tandem jumping experience for skydiving first-timers.  However, people often think the only way to do a solo skydive is by getting a skydiving license.  They are often unaware of the solo jumping experience through the Accelerated Skydiving Program (ASP).


This program includes a tandem jump, a 10 minute tunnel experience and 6 hours of jump school.  After this short training, students can then jump from 13,000 feet with two instructors on each side.  This allows divers to wear their own parachute and pull the chute on their own.  If jumping tandem doesn’t seem to satisfy your adrenaline craving needs, this alternative option could be the choice for you!

For more information on this exciting program, click HERE.

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