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Mental Health Center of America Opens First Phoenix Location

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Mental Health Center of AmericaMental Health Center of America (MHCA) is a comprehensive mental health and wellness primary care clinic, specifically designed to be the first and last step for anyone in need of mental health care. MHCA’s multidisciplinary team comprised of...


5 Steps to Improving your Mental Wellbeing


The importance of maintaining a healthy mind has never been more significant as the pressure of living fast paced lifestyles takes its toll. Less sleep, more financial worry, way too much time commuting, no time to spend with family and eating unhealthy food on the go – this is the reality for so many people. Social media has also contributed to the soar in rates of mental health problems as we are constantly bombarded with idealistic lifestyles making it hard not to compare ourselves with others. The truth is that nothing you see online is real so it’s time to do less scrolling and spend more time taking actionable steps to improve your own mental wellbeing. Here’s where you need to start. 


Nighttime Habits to Help Improve Your Sleep and Health


After a long day at work, it’s important to try to get a bit of well-deserved rest and sleep to regain some energy for the next day. However, simply lying in bed isn’t enough for your body to recover, and in today’s age, many adults have trouble getting enough quality sleep at night. With that in mind, we’ve decided to go ahead and share some healthy sleep habits that will ideally make your life much better.


Arizona Surgeons Experience Record Demand Due to Pandemic Backlog


Post-quarantine life can mean all sorts of things. For many surgeons, it just means a higher demand for elective surgeries. Cosmetic surgery has been seeing a boom across the country, including Arizona. The boom in elective surgeries is happening because people are no longer afraid of COVID-19. It's important to understand how Arizona's medical industry is responding to the demand.


Reducing Anxiety, the Easy Way


We've been through a lot collectively over the last two years. It can take a toll on anyone, even those with the strongest of mindsets. Thankfully, a new year is on the horizon, and the holidays are right around the corner - giving all of us tons to look forward to. You may have even already committed to enjoying a healthier lifestyle in 2022. But, what about any anxieties that you may be struggling with right now? While there is no "magic pill" that can make anxiety lessen - even pharmaceuticals don't completely eliminate them - there are things you can do every day to help yourself feel more in control and worry less. 

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