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The Vital Role of Addiction Treatment in Promoting Women's Mental Health in Arizona


The sobering reality of women struggling with addiction in America is a growing concern that demands our collective attention. Arizona, a state known for its remarkable landscapes, diverse cultures, and progressive approaches to social issues, is not immune to this escalating problem. The unique challenges faced by women grappling with substance abuse in the Grand Canyon State are further complicated by an intricate web of societal, psychological, and physiological factors.


Staying Close to Home. 7 Reasons Why Arizonans Shouldn't Travel to Another State for Rehab


Embarking on the journey of addiction recovery can be daunting, and choosing the right rehab facility is a critical step. While some people may consider traveling to another state for rehab, Arizonans have many treatment options right in their backyard. Please keep reading to learn the many reasons why Arizonans should consider local rehab options to start their sobriety journey and why The Grand Canyon State is the perfect place to stay sober through recovery and beyond. 


Mental Health Center of America Opens First Phoenix Location

staff ES.jpg

Mental Health Center of AmericaMental Health Center of America (MHCA) is a comprehensive mental health and wellness primary care clinic, specifically designed to be the first and last step for anyone in need of mental health care. MHCA’s multidisciplinary team comprised of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Physician Assistants, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Wellness Associates leverage their unique training and experience to create an integrated system that is proficient at assessing, diagnosing, and treating a wide variety of mental health care concerns.


6 Skincare Treatment Upgrades We All Need


If you're like most people, even with a clear complexion, it didn't come to you with little or no work - in fact, it's a consistent and sometimes painstaking process. Whether you're a regular at Sephora or Ulta or getting facials once a month, you can still benefit from upgrading your skincare treatments. Just like the seasons, our skincare needs change depending on the weather, PMS, our age, the climate we live in, the stress we're under, and countless other factors. 


The Best Ways to Exercise in Arizona


Arizona is famous for its desert heat. This makes it a particular place when it comes to exercising. You don’t want to dehydrate yourself, but there are plenty of ways to get outside and work out safely. Furthermore, there are plenty of great indoor options as well. Whether you are visiting Arizona or live here and want to maximize your ability to exercise, there are options. You shouldn’t throw up your hands and lament about the heat. Whether you love to work out or can’t stand it, below are the best ways to exercise in Arizona.

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