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What is CBD Oil?


Everyone is looking for that one miracle cure-all that can remedy pesky ailments like inflammation, pain, stress and anxiety. CBD oil seems to be the latest fad product people of all ages and medical backgrounds can’t stop swearing by—but what exactly is CBD and how do you know if it’s right for you? Marie Saloum of GreenPharms Dispensary explains why CBD might be the answer to your prayers.


AZ Health: Disarm the Family Court Harm


So many parents today with children who decide to divide get caught up in long high-conflict court battles, often fueled by external influencers that have zero care, compassion or insight into the long-term clinical effects on families with children.  

As family clinicians, we see vulnerable parents literally taken in by others agendas: this could be angry extended family members with a long-standing resentment that literally use the angry parent, the children and the legal system to exact their revenge. This is the perfect recipe for the dangerous cycle of systematic abuse to begin.

Worse is pairing up with family...


How to Maintain a Healthy Gut


In the laundry list of health concerns you need to worry about on a daily basis, your gastrointestinal tract may not immediately top the list, but should it? Dr. Laura Glenn, NMD of Rejuvena Health & Aesthetics explains a possible breast cancer link and provides some insight into how to achieve good gut health.



Why does gut health matter?

A healthy gut can do wonders for your body, from proper absorption of nutrients to boosting your immune system...


AZ Health: Be a Good Family, Not a Perfect Family


How do we escape the vicious cycle of the never-ending chase for perfection? How do we raise our children with the self-esteem that grows inside of them rather than from our expectations of them? What does a “good” family look like? What are they made up of? The answer is this: Accountability, integrity and, above all, honesty. This is the recipe for a Spiritually Healthy Family System; a good family.

We often want to attach religion to the foundation of what makes a good family. Religion and spirituality are two very different things. Religion can absolutely be one of the pillars of a heathy family. Heathy families operate from a...


How to Protect Yourself from Blue Light


Photo courtesy of Sean Do on Unsplash.

Navigating the balance between work and life in the digital world is proving to be more of a challenge every day. Maybe work requires you to dedicate your days to connecting and networking over a computer screen, or maybe you feel like your job is centered around conference calls and Skype sessions with international clients. But what happens when you come home? After a full day’s work, you’d think our natural instinct would be to want to unwind and disconnect from technology all together. But the reality is, we don’t. We scroll through our social media pages, plug into a video...

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