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Arizona Cannabis Policy Virtual Town Hall

The year 2020 has been record breaking for cannabis in Arizona. Two recent events including medical marijuana being deemed essential by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey during the COVID-19 health crisis, and a new adult use measure that recently qualified for the November ballot as Prop 207, have served to further the security and growth of one of the fastest growing spaces in the state.


Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Sensitive Topics


In every relationship, there are topics that are difficult to discuss. However, getting it out in the open will make you feel better and allow the two of you to find ways to resolve it.


Will You Be Sending Your Kids Back to School? How to Make an Informed Decision


Believe it or not, it’s that time of year where most Arizona residents prepare children to return to school. Only this year, things prove to be a lot more challenging. With the threat of the coronavirus still plaguing most of the state, parents are now forced to consider both the physical wellbeing of their children and their social and academic needs as they answer a very important question. Do you send your children back to a brick and mortar establishment for learning and enrichment, or will you continue distance learning practices in the safety of your home? 


Gyms May Be Closed Again, but The American Council on Exercise Gives At-Home Exercises for Everyone

GettyImages 1225326507 1

Most cities are no longer under hard lockdown restrictions, and gyms have begun reopening to allow fitness-deprived members through their doors. At the same time, the spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide is something many of these same people are leery of.

So, what’s the best course of action for those who want to work out while staying in? Click the links below from The American Council on Exercise (ACE) for a few recommendations:


Fitz Frames - Revolutionizing The Eyeglass Experience


Many schools are likely to continue online coursework in the fall, paired with a cut to extracurricular activities due to COVID-19, kid's and teen's screen time has gone up significantly. 

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