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Local Arizona Dad Creates a Water Bottle that Cleans Hands on the Go

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Suds2Go, the first dual-purpose water bottle that allows you to both hydrate and wash your hands on the go. Its patented design includes a reusable container you can refill with your favorite foaming soap, a pump, and separate valves for drinking and rinsing to avoid contamination.

Suds2Go was founded by Arizona...


4 Sources of Marital Problems and How to Fix Them


While marriage is such a beautiful covenant that two people make with one another, it's one of the hardest relationships to maintain. This is because you have two adults with two different backgrounds, mindsets, beliefs, and dreams. They have to come together to find their common ground to set the foundation for their legacy. When many people think of marriage, many of them think about fairy tales and whimsical love stories. They can't imagine why two people in love would have marital problems. Truthfully, there are plenty of reasons. Consider the following sources of marital issues and how to work on them. 


How Your Four-Legged Friend Can Mend A Broken Heart

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It’s been said that a pet can heal a broken heart. Their unconditional love, loyal companionship and little quirks make it difficult to have a bad mood. If you’re a dog owner, you might find yourself being more active, whether it’s getting up and down every few minutes to let your indecisive dog in and out, throwing a ball around or going out for walks. It may not seem like much, but your dog spells good news for your heart health.

Studies from Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association found that dog owners had better health scores than other pet owners and people who did not own a pet at all. This is because people...


Perfect Summer Workouts: How To Exercise Safely In The Heat



Summer is right around the corner. The beginning of 2020 has been an unprecedented and crazy time and most likely you have have been cooped up and ready to get out and enjoy socializing more with friends.

Summer brings tank tops, shorts and bathing suits – but it also brings post-work happy hours, weekend barbecues and indulgences of food and beverages. This is when we may come to the realization that we need to spice up our exercise regime in order to look and perform to be our best selves.

The key is to plan effectively to stay safe when the temperatures start to soar. Planning ahead and being smart is...


How to Get Past Cabin Fever During the Pandemic


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, home is about the safest place you can be. From cleaning and eliminating germs to reducing the number of visitors, it’s the only environment in which you have any control over as it pertains to protecting you and your loved ones from contracting the virus. As essential as it is for everyone to remain in their homes during this time, it isn’t easy. After being sheltered in place for several weeks, it’s not long before you begin to experience cabin fever. 

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