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Assisted Stretching is the Newest Wellness Trend: Here’s What to Know



Whether you sit at your desk all day, are training for a marathon or have chronic pain, stretching is important for everyone. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy to maintain range of motion in the joints. Even if you do stretch on a regular basis, it’s very common to miss crucial areas or have the wrong form. Having a one-on-one assisted stretch with a professional can...


Easy DIY Allergy Prevention


As the weather transitions from warm to cool, our bodies will often react by showing symptoms of seasonal allergies. Maybe you’ve been reaching for your eye drops a bit more than usual, or perhaps the tissue box. Sound relatable? You probably have allergies. But, did you know that the air pollution in your home is usually worse than the contamination levels of outside air? Arizona Foothills reached out to local Erik Bryan, owner of Precision Air & Plumbing, who provided with some helpful tips on how to best avoid indoor allergens this holiday season.



Tips for Buying CBD Products


As not all CBD products are created equal and packaging can sometimes be vague and confusing, it’s important to get come clarity on CBD products and their uses before making a purchase. It’s also a good idea to determine what the product is intended to be used for, as the application can be for various uses, and understand proper dosing.

Be in the Know

Education about CBD (including the fact that pure CBD does not create a mental “high”) and information about dosing is key for the general public. CBD companies should be transparent about where the products is from and what ingredients are included in each product. Consumers...


What to Know Before Trying Your First Yoga Class

YogaSix Studio.jpg

While the benefits of yoga are well known, trying your first class can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! Yoga is an individualized practice with a variety of levels and classes. People don’t start out doing headstands in hot yoga, it’s truly a journey that depends on your own fitness goals and experience. Doing some simple yoga homework beforehand can really help you enjoy your experience and attain more of the perks.



Choose the Right Class for You

Not all...


What Not To Ask a Breast Cancer Patient (And What To Say Instead)


When a “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you” isn’t enough.

As a radiation oncologist specializing in breast cancer treatment, I am well-acquainted with the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies the disease. In fact, my colleagues at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear often refer to the work we do as “one-part cancer treatment and many parts emotional support.” Breast cancer is an incredibly emotionally charged disease, and it uniquely strips patients of the control they’ve clung to their entire lives.

Anyone who has been on this planet for more than five...

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