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United Telehealth Corp's Healthcare Option to Know About Now

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For senior patients, those with chronic illnesses, or those who have compromised immune systems, heading to a doctor’s office right now for needed healthcare is a scary thought—it’s an action that can leave them at risk for the potentially fatal Coronavirus (COVID-19).



Earthing: Calming the Nervous System Through Mother Nature

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The rush of news, rapidfire changes and social restrictions put in place to combat COVID-19 have affected every one of us. Physically, we are responding and adapting to this new normal, but for most, the reality of what is happening hasn’t caught up mentally. This leaves a gap between the mind and the body that needs to be bridged.

Our system is designed to protect us from danger, and now you can see it working overtime. We can see this first-hand in the grocery aisles; our protective responses of flight, fight, and freeze acting as  basic items like toilet paper are scarce causing people to snatch, steal, and fight over the purchase of them. We...


Finding Your Center Using Your Senses


Covid-19 has changed how we live, work and simply be each and every day. For many of us it feels like the world has tilted and we are struggling to find our balance. While everything may be feeling out of control we can center ourselves by focusing on the five senses we have right at our disposal. By being mindful, we can find much needed moments of calm which allow us to continue to grow into our best selves during these times.


Keep Anxiety and Stress at Bay During the Coronavirus Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic can bring unforeseen difficulties and additional feelings of anxiety and stress for anyone. During these unusual times, there are a variety of ways someone with or without mental health issues can cope and navigate through it to maintain a healthy head space. Below are three tips from Chris Cohn, founder of Scottsdale Recovery Center, to help keep clear mental health during a stressful time.

We’re all in it together. It’s totally normal and okay to feel anxiety and stress during a pandemic. Everyone is...


Workouts for Your Decade



Reality check! We need to work out differently as we age.

Exercise is something that we should all engage in for a lifetime. From the time we are little children, we realize our bodies are designed to move! Unfortunately, over the years our bodies also change drastically in many ways. Our bodies eventually will let us know that we are just not able to do what we used to do.

Accepting the “no pain, no gain” way of working out is outdated and just plain wrong.

Here’s the good news! Continuing to exercise the right way over the decades can actually slow down the aging process...

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