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Keep Anxiety and Stress at Bay During the Coronavirus Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic can bring unforeseen difficulties and additional feelings of anxiety and stress for anyone. During these unusual times, there are a variety of ways someone with or without mental health issues can cope and navigate through it to maintain a healthy head space. Below are three tips from Chris Cohn, founder of


Workouts for Your Decade



Reality check! We need to work out differently as we age.

Exercise is something that we should all engage in for a lifetime. From the time we are little children, we realize our bodies are designed to move! Unfortunately, over the years our bodies also change drastically in many ways. Our bodies eventually will let us know that we are just not able to do what we used to do.

Accepting the “no pain, no gain” way of working out is outdated and just plain wrong.

Here’s the good news! Continuing to exercise the right way over the decades can actually slow down the aging process...


Best Ways to Avoid Hangovers


Enjoying an evening or night out on the town is all fun and games until the next day when you wake up with a throbbing headache, or otherwise feel like death warmed over.


How to Create Health and Fitness Goals You Actually Stick to


Just about everyone has health and fitness goals they’d like to accomplish. This might include losing weight, gaining muscle, eating healthier, or improving your emotional well-being. Whatever your vision is for your physical and mental health, bringing it to fruition is often the most challenging part. 


Five Phoenix Activities That Could Become Your Next Fitness Routine


Nothing brings on the creeping fear that morphs into the determination to become more physically active quite like the coming of summer, and with it, swimsuit season. While you may have meant to be active all winter long, there’s something about the shorter daylight hours that compiles with the holiday season’s pressure to eat decadently that leads to an overall physical fitness hangover, and it lasts through January. Before you know it, February has flown by and March is almost gone. You know you need to do something, and you need to do it fast, but there’s spring break and tax season and a whole box of excuses you can pull from because excuses beget excuses.

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