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A Wakeup Call for Men’s Health

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"Movember” is a good excuse to grow out your mustache for a cause and raise awareness about major men’s health issues. At The Hormone Zone, Drs. Bosch and Robinson, a k a the Sex Docs, are changing the game for a growing men’s health concern that may be affecting you. 


AZ Health: The Pros of Barre Class

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When Burr Leonard, founder of The Bar Method, lived in New York, she dreamed of creating her own barre method workout that would empower women and men. To achieve her goal, she worked with physical therapists and developed a bar method fitness that helped to build beautiful, lean, toned and healthy bodies for life.

In 2001, she opened her first studio in San Francisco, Calif., and soon after, more studios opened in New Jersey, Chicago and New York. She started a new concept of exercise and designed a safe, personal and challenging technique for people of all ages and levels.

Today, there are more than 100...


Give Breast Cancer the One-Two Punch

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The Sex Docs want you to get hands-on with breast health. While October has us thinking pink and raising awareness, breast cancer prevention is a year-round endeavor. Dr.s Cristina Bosch and Dr. John Robinson of The Hormone Zone, share their tips on integrating a balanced dose of prevention into your lifestyle.

Stay in Touch

Prevention plays a big role in your health. Whether you try a self-exam or invite your partner to...


Women's Cancer Prevention


In one way or another, cancer has impacted the lives of most women. But is there a possibility to potentially prevent this devastating illness? Valley health professionals weigh in on how lifestyle changes and staying on top of screenings can have a positive impact on one’s health. 




“Eating well is an important part of improving your health and reducing cancer risk,” says Dr. Jennifer Iacovelli Malone, MD, MS, founder...


The Heart of the Matter: Women's Heart Health


Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, claiming about 400,000 lives in the United States last year. Though not every risk factor can be prevented, there are steps (literally) that women can take in order to put their heart health into their own hands.




Though often thought of as a “man’s disease,” heart disease kills just as many women per year, and about 47 million women live with some form of heart disease. Prior to this past decade...

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