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Fresh Finds in Phoenix: Discovering the Best Farmers Markets and Artisanal Shops in Town


Recently, there has been a growing interest in locally-sourced, organic, and artisanal products. This trend has led many people to seek farmer's markets and artisanal shops for their shopping needs. Shopping at these types of establishments has become an important part of the "buy local" movement, which encourages consumers to...


Feeding Family and Friends


Gathering together can be many things, joyous yet jarring, loving and labor-intensive, and meaningful, but still quite messy. Of course, much of it depends on your role in the event since guests and hosts will have extremely different experiences.


What to Bring for a Perfect Outdoor Picnic


Having a nice, warm summer day outside is great. You should plan a picnic. While preparing for your picnic, there are some basic rules of etiquette that will ensure its success. When planning your picnic, you'll want to think about everything you will need. This includes food and drinks as well as the appropriate picnic supplies to bring with you. You must realize that not all picnic supplies are created equal, so you need to list what you need before you start shopping. Here are some helpful picnic supplies tips:


Where to Find Natural Foods in Phoenix


Albertsons, Costco, Safeway, and Fry's Food Stores are probably great for most of your grocery needs, but what about when you want to shop at a natural grocer? What if you have specific dietary requirements or restrictions that the regular stores can't accommodate? What if your local grocery store doesn't carry the specialized produce you're looking for, the gluten-free pastas, the no-salt-added canned beans, the essential oils, or the additive-free health supplements you prefer? Fortunately, the Phoenix grocery shopper has several options. 


Can a Prepared Diet Really Be Healthy For You?

Delivery services are stepping up their game


Purists will find the very concept of prepared meals via a delivery service akin to blasphemy. But we’re not talking about microwave dinners. Meal service delivery providers now offer top-notch cuisine at more than reasonable prices, and the menus just keep getting better. 

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