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Spring Culinary Festivals

Spring is a fab time to be a foodie in the Valley. Here’s a list of the season’s most anticipated culinary events.*




Flashy diamonds are pretty, but I prefer simple jewelry with quirk. Long, lush bubble baths are nice once in a while—hot showers are more my style. Fancy resort getaways are always fun, though I find the greatest pleasure in turning on a good movie and indulging in a meal cooked by my hubby at home. My image of luxury doesn’t have wheels or require a safe. My idea of luxury: Chocolate. In a cake, in a shake. In a truffle, in a trifle. Chocolate is my ultimate opulence. As we celebrate the extravagances the Valley has to offer, we salute the treat we have all treasured since we were tots—from the taste of your first Tootsie Roll to the wine-infused ganache you nibble when you’re “in the neighborhood” of your favorite chocolatier.

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