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Keep Your Skin Looking Young


Skin is our body’s first layer of defense, providing a barrier to protect our bodies from bacteria and the environment. Sun damage to our skin not only makes it feel dry and look more wrinkled but can also lead to other problems down the line, which is why we should look after it like we do the rest of our body.


The Secret Luxury of A Well-Edited Wardrobe


What is a well-edited wardrobe?  We all know about the mandatory LBD, the little black dress.  Most of us also have those one or two go-to outfits, the few well-loved ensembles that we know work.  Now, take that concept and flip the ratio.  Instead of having a few favorites to fall back on, along with a whole bunch of things that you love on the hanger, but have to play with to make work, make the bulk of your wardrobe exclusively tried and true gems. 


Easy Fashion Options for Busy Travelers


Whether you’re driving across the country or flying across the globe, travel is an opportunity for fun and excitement. Unfortunately, it’s also an ordeal requiring lots of planning and preparation. From booking their hotel rooms and airfare to getting their bearings in an unfamiliar setting to remembering to bring all necessary documents, travelers have many things to think about during their journey. The last thing they want to do is worry about fashion!


7 Style Tips for Business Travel


Business travel is some of the most important travel you can do because it is presumably making you money. Do it right and you return home with a big reward. Do it poorly and you and your company will lose a lot of money. All too often, the difference between success and failure comes down to personal style. Here are a few style tips that will get you closer to the win, and a few to avoid:


A Luxury Lover's Guide to Skin and Clothing


Living a life of luxury is about appreciating the finer things. You focus on quality, not quantity, and invest in those things that are most important to you. People with many different income levels can enjoy luxurious things. Luxury isn’t all about room service and silk sheets, although both are desirable. It’s about creating a lifestyle that lets you do things simply for the enjoyment of it, not because you have to or because it’s expected of you.

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