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Training Outside In The Winter


It’s common for people to pack on the pounds a bit around the holiday season. Not only is it prime time for baking cookies and chugging eggnog, but cold weather and icy grounds can hinder the ability to train outdoors. It’s...


Wedding Dress Planning


When it comes to picking a wedding dress many things have to be taken into consideration. From the style, the cut, and size, picking a suitable dress for the day of your dreams is not for the weak. With trends constantly changing it can sometimes be difficult to find the dress that works for you. But, although it may be difficult it is not impossible. Before even venturing on the long journey that Is finding a wedding dress it’s important to remind yourself that it’s not the dress that makes the bride, but rather the bride makes the dress. Having confidence goes a long way when it comes to strutting down the aisle to your future lifelong partner. Having...


Essential Vacation-Packing Guide for Men


A gentleman always dresses for the occasion. He is well-trimmed, punctual with his time and dedicated to his work and leisure. This man will pack for a vacation with good music playing, ensuring only the best articles of clothing have made it into his suitcase. A man of his stature shops at The Clotherie, the Valley’s most awarded men’s clothing boutique. The pros at The Clotherie devised a curated selection of the Valley’s finest luxury clothing so you can feel sophistacted, prepared and ready to enjoy a weekend of fun. 


1. Reach...


Knockout: Fall Fashion


Welcome the new season with decadent doses of sequins, suede, lace and pearls.

2019 Face of Foothills winner, Laura Helton. Photographed by Michael Franco. Styled by Melody Sanchez. Fashion by Vintage by Misty.

Roberto Cavalli denim jacket, $550. Vintage by Misty. 



Victor Costa sequined one-shoulder gown, $595. Vintage by Misty. Earrings, $36. Nordstrom. Other jewelry, stylist's own.



Roberto Cavalli denim jacket and pants, $550. Vintage by Misty.



Bernard Perris velvet mini dress, $725. Earrings, $50. Nordstrom. 



Christian Dior tuxedo dress, $900. Vintage by Misty. Earrings, $36. Nordstrom.


10 Questions to Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery


Increased self-confidence, body positivity, life satisfaction and the role of attractiveness play a part in why many people undergo plastic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures were completed in 2018. In addition to cosmetic procedures, many surgeons perform reconstructive procedures to correct birth disorders, trauma, burns and disease. The decision to seek out plastic surgery is a personal decision that involves research, time and several...

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