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5 Hacks to Help You Stay Fashionable on a Budget


With the latest trends in fashion changing every year, or even every month, it can be expensive to try and keep yourself up to date with the latest must-have outfits. However, fashion does not always have to be expensive, and many of the best fashionistas in the world have found ways to pursue their passion without breaking the bank. So, here are five hacks that you can use to help you stay fashionable on a budget. 


Treating Frizzy Hair in the Winter is Easy With These Tips


Most people will experience some rain and snow in the winter, but here in the AZ Foothills, it’s just dry. And in the winter, it can be even worse. We may get a reprieve from the hot weather, but around these parts, expect to do some work to keep your hair from looking like a dry, frizzy mess. Here are the best ways to treat frizzy hair in the winter.


Don’t Social Distance Your Skin Routine: Keeping Your Skin in Tip Top Shape


As we all settle into a new “normal,” it’s important not to completely lose sight of taking care of yourself. It can be easy in times of change and turmoil to let go of the “less important” things. But after a little while, you should start adding back into your routine those habits that help you feel and look good. Maybe you’ve found a great online workout and meditation app and are cooking healthy food. And while it may not be possible to see your aesthetician or dermatologist for now, there are steps you can take at home to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

  • The most important habit for your skin...

Face Mask + Wine Pairings

There’a a fine line between self care and self indulgence, but as far as we’re concerned there’s no room for fine lines, especially on our face. Take this quarantine time to treat your skin to these effective face masks and treat your sanity to perfectly paired wines. 

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Champagne + Herbivore Prism Exfoliating Glow Facial

How do you go from dull to radiant in just 10 minutes? With a glass of bubbly of course. Or you could simply slather on this jelly-textured face mask that promises bright, radiant skin in a...


At-Home Skin Care Tips


Getting into the groove of a new skin care routine can be challenging, but if you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, taking care of your skin can be managed in just three easy steps. Pursuing a wellness routine for your skin also gives you a moment to focus on yourself and breathe, which can be an essential self-care practice during stressful times. Below is a simple process to follow to get your glow back in no time.

Cleanse Anything from air pollution to a daily workout can leave grime on the skin. Cleansing once or twice a day, depending on skin type, can...

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