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Taking care of your hair at home is a breeze. No matter the season, you know the exact products to use that will make your hair look just right. That’s because you understand exactly what to do when you’re at home.

But when you travel, that’s a different story altogether. Not only do you not have access to all your hair care products on the road, but if you visit a place with a different climate, you might not know how your hair will react. Your hair might not look as good in New York during the summer as it does when you’re home in Arizona. So, before you book that trip, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure you have everything your hair needs.

Analyzing Your Hair Type

Hair can be everything from straight to curly, thick to thin, and every variation in between. For instance, you could have curly thick hair that tends to be dry, or thin curly hair that frizzes when you say the word “humidity.” 

If you’re planning a vacation to the southern part of the United States, like Georgia, where humidity is an issue for most of the year, you want to bring the best products to combat any weather you encounter. In that case, consider contacting a natural hair salon in Atlanta to see if they have any recommendations.

They’ll likely want to know what hair type you have so they can give you the correct information, so be sure you know what kind of hair you have before you call.

Handling Humidity

Whether your trip is to Atlanta, Louisiana, or Florida, there will be extra moisture in the air for the better part of the year -- something Arizona residents aren’t used to. When you expose your hair to humid conditions, your strands absorb the water molecules in the air and cause it to swell. 

That would be great if each strand took in the same amount of moisture, but the absorption is usually uneven. So, instead of seeing your hair simply plump up, it can cause your hair to bend in unexpected ways and appear frizzy.

Each person’s hair is unique, which just adds to the confusion. But the general rule in humid conditions is to keep products to a minimum and work with the movement of your tresses as much as possible. Try to pack some anti-frizz gel to tame your locks to keep frizz to a minimum, bring a light hair oil, and use a moisturizing conditioner. You could also think about keeping your hair up to control the unpredictable nature of humidity in your style.

Combating the Cold

If you’re traveling to a place with cold weather, say Vermont or Wisconsin, you’ll have the exact opposite problem in the regions. The lack of moisture in the cold air will take water from your hair, leaving it dry and dull. To counteract the effects of cooler temperatures, you want to keep as much water in your hair as possible without weighing it down.

To do that, try following these tips:

  • Shampoo less often while on the road
  • Use a hydrating conditioner
  • Try cold air while blow drying
  • Avoid hot styling tools
  • Deep condition your hair before your trip

Pack the Products

While packing for your vacation or business trip, be sure to check the weather and try to anticipate which products you’ll need to take with you. You might not know how your hair will react to certain conditions until you’re there, but at least now you have an idea of ways to tame your mane while away from home.

Be sure to pack some hair ties or clips just in case you can’t get your hair under control, and above all, enjoy your trip.