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Let's Celebrate!

Arizona Foothills is happy and excited to offer Valley non-profits, businesses and party-planners the opportunity to upload their own galas, shopping parties, auctions, food fests and other special events to our Event Calendar, completely free-of-charge. It's our little way of saying thank you for your hard work in our community!

In a few short minutes, users can submit all their event info to AZFoothills.com's Event Listings! Each approved event will receive it's own page, complete with an event title, time, place, event details, and even photos.

Step One: Fill Out Your Event Info

Please complete and submit the form below, taking care to not miss any of the required fields.

 Step Two: Insert an Image (optional)

If you’d like to include an image, it's easier than it looks! Just follow these simple instructions:

Host Your Image on an image hosting service such as Imageshack or Tinypic, or host one from your own Web site.

Tinypic instructions:

1.) Visit Tinypic here. No registration or e-mail is required!
2.) Of the File Type options, select Image.
3.) Click Browse and select your image from your computer.
4.) If you need to reduce the size of your image, choose 640x480 or smaller under the Resize option.
5.) Click Upload Now.
6.) Once it finishes uploading your photo, copy the link under where it says Direct Link for Layouts. This is what we need to insert the image into our event description!

Insert Your Image

1.) Back in AZFoothills.com's Event Submission Form description field, place your cursor where you want to insert your image.  Then click the little photo of the tree that looks like  to Insert Your Image. (If you are not seeing the word processor controls, just paste the image link in the text and we'll insert it for you when we review it.)
2.) Where it says "Image URL" paste the Direct Link to the image.
3.) Click Insert. The image should then appear in your event description.

A Note Regarding Images: If you do not submit an image, AZFoothills.com reserves the right to upload their own, or leave your listing with no image at all. By uploading an image, you are signifying that you hold the rights to the image and are surrendering all rights to the image to AZFoothills.com for the Event Listing Page.

 Step Three: Submit Event

Click Submit Event. AZFoothills.com will have it approved and posted within five business days- often times within the day! If approved, your event will be available for viewing in these listings (or these listings for Tucson events). Please wait the allotted five days before contacting AFM with questions- your patience is appreciated!

Step Four: Promote Your Event

The more you E-mail, Facebook and Tweet Event Listing pages to your friends, the quicker you'll see RSVPs come in! Get movin'!

Tweaks & Problems

Should you change your event info or need to tweak some wording, please send your event listing link to events@azfoothills.com with the subject line: Event Removal. Then, please edit to your liking and re-submit your event! AZFoothills.com will not make edits to event listings once they have approved them.

Qualifying Events

Whether or not an event submitted qualifies is up to AZFoothills.com's discretion. However, a good rule of thumb is that a submitted event should benefit a non-profit organization.