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Let's Celebrate!

Arizona Foothills is happy and excited to offer Valley non-profits, businesses and party-planners the opportunity to upload their own galas, shopping parties, auctions, food fests and other special events to our Event Calendar, completely free-of-charge. It's our little way of saying thank you for your hard work in our community!

In a few short minutes, users can submit all their event info to AZFoothills.com's Event Listings! Each approved event will receive it's own page, complete with an event title, time, place, event details, and even photos.

Step One: Fill Out Your Event Info

Please complete the form below, taking care to not miss any of the required fields (*).

Step Two: Insert an Image (optional)

If you’d like to include an image, it's easier than it looks! Just follow these simple instructions:

Host your image on an image hosting service such as imgur.com, and get a direct link to the image.

Imgur instructions:

1.) Visit Imgur here.
2.) Click New Post
3.) Upload your image.
4.) After it gives you the message "Upload Complete!", right click your image and copy image location/address.  The copied address should end in a file extension like .jpg, or possibly .png or .gif

Insert Your Image

1.) If your image link is valid,  your image show up when you paste the link into the editor. 

A Note Regarding Images: By uploading an image, you are signifying that you hold the rights to the image and are surrendering all rights to the image to AZFoothills.com for the Event Listing Page.

Step Three: Submit Event

Click Submit Event. Submissions are not reviewed every day so please be patient. If approved, your event will be available for viewing in these listings (or these listings for Tucson events).

Step Four: Promote Your Event

The more you E-mail, Facebook and Tweet Event Listing pages to your friends, the quicker you'll see RSVPs come in! Get movin'!

Qualifying Events

Whether or not an event submitted qualifies is up to AZFoothills.com's discretion. Non-profit events, festivals, performances etc are ideal for what we look to post.  Things such as store sales we are unlikely to post but encourage you to inquire about many advertising opportunities via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it