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Albertsons, Costco, Safeway, and Fry's Food Stores are probably great for most of your grocery needs, but what about when you want to shop at a natural grocer? What if you have specific dietary requirements or restrictions that the regular stores can't accommodate? What if your local grocery store doesn't carry the specialized produce you're looking for, the gluten-free pastas, the no-salt-added canned beans, the essential oils, or the additive-free health supplements you prefer? Fortunately, the Phoenix grocery shopper has several options. 

Blue Sky Organic Farms

If you're looking for farm-fresh, organic produce and want to support a local business, try the farm store at Blue Sky Organic Farms, located at 4762 N 189th Avenue, Litchfield Park, AZ 85340. The farm store is typically open four days a week. The peak growing season, during which you'll find the most mind-blowing produce, lasts from late October to mid-June. The store also sells fresh-baked goods on Saturdays, as well as pantry essentials, and other items you might hope to find at a natural grocery store, such as kombucha, nut butters, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, Bob's Red Mill grains, pasture-raised meats, and so much more.

Sprouts Farmers Market

While Blue Sky is a one-of-a-kind operation, there are seven locations of the Sprouts Farmers Market natural grocery chain inside Phoenix city limits alone. In fact, there are 42 locations throughout the state of Arizona, so whenever you're traveling, you should always be able to find organic produce, pasture-raised eggs, natural supplements, and those always-delightful bulk bins stocked with grains, legumes, pulses, nuts, trail mixes, and all manner of snacks and desserts. The produce section at Sprouts is always on-point with high-quality, diverse options, including some things you won't find at other grocery stores. You'll often find amazing sales prices on produce and other items, delicious private-label products, bulk honey, and a thoughtful selection of hair, oral, skincare and makeup items.

Superstition Ranch Farmers Market

If you don't mind driving to Mesa, you can find Superstition Ranch Farmers Market, a small grocery store that specializes in low prices on non-organic produce. It's important to keep in mind that not all shoppers can afford (or want) to pay the higher prices for fruits and veggies that you'll find at the other stores on this list. Still, it's important to eat these foods, and that's where a store like Superstition Ranch comes into play. 

Whole Foods

There are three Whole Foods locations inside of Phoenix city limits, and although some say the quality of the shopping experience has changed since the nation-wide natural grocery chain was purchased by Amazon, you'll still find plenty of organic products, health supplements, and other specialty items. When Whole Foods began as a company, they established high standards of the meat providers they worked with. They carry on high standards to this day, including the following:

  • Meat must be traceable to a farm or ranch
  • Humane care and slaughter
  • No antibiotics, ever
  • No added growth hormones
  • Cows, goats, and sheep must have spent at least 2/3 of their lives on pasture
  • No crates, cages, or tethers
  • Required animal welfare inspections at slaughter

Trader Joe's

There are the same number of Trader Joe's as there are Whole Foods in Phoenix: three. At Trader Joe's, you can often find natural and organic foods at near-bargain prices. Trader Joe's might not carry everything you'll need, and their supplements section might not be as expansive, but what they do have tends to create rabid fans worldwide. It's also a company known for treating its employees well, providing exceptional customer service, selling quality wine cheaply, providing an amazing selection of affordable cheeses, and just being all-around fabulous.