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Mental Health Center of AmericaMental Health Center of America (MHCA) is a comprehensive mental health and wellness primary care clinic, specifically designed to be the first and last step for anyone in need of mental health care. MHCA’s multidisciplinary team comprised of Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Physician Assistants, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Wellness Associates leverage their unique training and experience to create an integrated system that is proficient at assessing, diagnosing, and treating a wide variety of mental health care concerns.

MHCA’s unique approach results in the highest quality of holistic mental health care for each patient all in one location. Meeting the critical mental health needs of individuals, couples, and families in Phoenix and soon to be statewide as the company expands.

“MHCA fills a void in the mental health field, so many people begin their mental health journey only to become overwhelmed and exhausted by our current mental health system," says MHCA Psychiatrist Dr. Mona Amini. "MHCA combines a wide variety of treatment options and healthcare providers in one location to ensure the patient receives the most well rounded and accurate mental health care possible.”

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MHCA’s fully licensed, multidisciplinary team of medical professionals works collaboratively to offer patients the most comprehensive care. Housing a wide variety of mental health specialists and treatment options for mind and body, patients will find everything they need in one accessible place.

“Therapeutic services, designed to treat the mind and body, including cutting edge cryotherapy, red light therapy and our infrared sauna and cold plunge are provided by MHCA’s expertly trained and professionally licensed mental health team," says MHCA Chief Psychologist Dr. Soffia Palsdottir. "This aspect of MHCA not only sets us apart in the mental health field but also allows us to provide holistic, mind and body, mental health care for our patients.”

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MHCA serves individuals enduring mental health related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, obsessive thoughts, self-harm, impulsive behavior, suicidal thoughts, addiction and more.

MHCA services and treatments provided include:

  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation
  • Individual Counseling
  • Neurofeedback/Biofeedback
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Prescription Management
  • Bio Medical Evaluation

Conveniently located off the 51 and Northern in Central Phoenix at 7600 N. 15th St. #100, MHCA is now accepting new patients. For more information, visit mentalhealthcenter.com or call (602) 704-2345.