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Financial Planning: Teaching Children About Finances


In this five-part series, Merrill Edge answers your pressing questions about financial planning. Read on for Part 3.



Financial Planning 101: Part 2


In this five-part series, Merrill Edge answers your pressing questions about financial planning. Read on for Part 2 about millennials’ saving habits.


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Are millennials’ saving habits the same way as those of older generations?

We’re seeing a correlation between how Phoenix-area millennials and millennials nationwide are saving for the future, and it...


6 Reasons Millennials Need Estate Planning


Before heading off to Bangladesh,biking across Spain, hiking the Inca Trail, or any other adventure travel, millennials should act to protect and preserve their estate. Many think that estate planning is for those in their 30s and 40s with young children or for those with significant bank account assets. Everyone needs estate planning, however. Young or old. With significant dollars in savings and without.


4 Ways to Build Culture and a Stronger Business in the New Year


Today’s workforce is more dynamic than ever before and “cool” companies are now a dime a dozen. It’s a competitive market, and whether a Gen-Xer, millennial or baby boomer, employees want to feel connected to something deeper beyond a paycheck and benefits. They want purpose in their work, to be driving towards a united vision, and most importantly to be part of a unique culture.

Culture is something that has been around since the beginning of humankind as a way of sharing and upholding a set of values, attitudes, goals, and practices. And it exists whether you’re aware of it or not, and whether created by design or...


6 Simple Tax Tips for the Self Employed


The freedom and independence that come with working for yourself do not come without some obstacles. On one hand, you have the liberation of being free from the sometimes confining stipulations set forth by the corporate world, but on the other, you’re wholly responsible for managing the inner workings of your business on your own – including things like paying taxes.

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