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5 Secrets to a Successful Career Change


Something’s not quite jelling in your career – the pay, the organization, the team or even the nature of the work itself. You know you want to make a change, but the thought of doing something different is so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start.

As senior manager of career counseling programs and operations with University of Phoenix, I’ve worked with hundreds of...


Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

A large part of the working population lives paycheck to paycheck. As a result, any unplanned expense that comes along such as a home or auto repair or medical bill can cause your frail budget to collapse. Thankfully, there are ways to turn your life around and hop off the paycheck to paycheck way of life. 



Useful Tips When Buying a Used Car


People love new cars, but they come with a hefty price tag, which is the reason folks are opting for something used. The problem is finding a good used vehicle, which is what the following tips will help you with.


How to Make Your Side Hustle Your Full-Time Job

Side Hustle .jpg

Blogging, freelancing, loan signing, Etsy. We all know someone who earns extra cash from at least one. A considerable chunk of the workforce has taken up seemingly satisfying side hustles. We began wondering, “Can a side hustle become a full-time job?” Scott Roelofs, owner of RCG Valuation & Monetization, provided insightful advice on what it takes to transform a side hustle into something more.

1. What are lucrative side hustles that carry full-time potential?

“Rather than list several jobs, it may be more helpful to list job traits,” says...


Four Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves


Nearly 40 percent of Americans have a side business in addition to their full-time job, and just more than 30 percent are fully self-employed with that number rising. Before you start a new business there are four questions that every entrepreneur should ask:

How do I make money? This question should be asked throughout the business’ lifecycle, and you should be able to answer it in three minutes or less. You need funding, people and a product or service to offer. After you have identified the foundations of your business, put together your business plan and an assessment of your barriers to...

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