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Working from home comes with an array of benefits. You'll get to enjoy having no commute, improved productivity, a cleaner work environment, and more time for yourself. Many companies in Arizona allow workers to work remotely, but there are also companies outside of Arizona that will hire remote workers from anywhere. You just have to do your research to find something that would make you happy. 

Customer Service 

Customer service roles are widely popular work from home career paths. A virtual call answering service means that companies can hire individuals from all over. Allowing customer service agents to work from home can save businesses a lot of money because they don't have to spend a lot of money keeping an office open. 

Working in a customer service role puts you in the position to work with customers to take care of their questions or concerns. Depending on the job, you could be doing anything from answering calls or emails, calling people to make appointments, or placing orders. Other customer service opportunities from home include Client Services Coordinating, Member Service Specialist, Patient Care Coordinator, and Technical Support Representative. 

Freelance Writing 

While you can find a variety of freelance writing companies all over the world, you should consider finding a company in Arizona. Many opportunities would allow you to write about a place you're already very familiar with for a company you may already know and love. Getting a freelance writing job in your state gives you more of an advantage and it would allow you the opportunity to attend in-person meetings from time to time. 

Freelance writing can be a job with a lot of hours, and it could be taxing on your body to sit for long periods. Getting a standing desk is a great option because it allows you to stand up and stretch while working. 

Virtual Assistant 

Just like with freelance writing, you can get a virtual assistant job for a local company, you would just have to search online for companies near you. A virtual assistant can do a lot of different things such as project management, editing, reporting, email management, transcription, travel planning, and so much more. You can become a virtual assistant for anyone anywhere in the world and you can do it working from your favorite coffee shop or poolside on a gorgeous day. 

Virtual assistants are great for helping entrepreneurs perform tasks they do not have time to complete themselves. Your job duties might change each day, depending on what the business needs are, which is a great way to keep your days interesting. 

Online Tutoring 

If you're great with certain school subjects and you love helping people, you should consider being an online tutor. Tutors help students with subjects that might be a struggle for them so they can pass their classes. The good news is you only have to tutor the subject you feel entirely confident in. If you're good at math but aren't great with history, you can stick to only helping with math. 

Social Media Manager 

Running a business is hard, especially when the business takes off and things get busier. Social media is a very important part of a business because it's how most of them interact with their customers. The problem many business owners face is having the time to handle their business and run their social media accounts. If you're proficient in social media and you think you have what it takes to keep customers engaged, this could be a good career path for you. 

The world is a lot different than it was years ago, and there are many more options now to work from home. Some remote jobs let you pick your schedule and only work when you want to while others are regular jobs with a set schedule to follow. Having a schedule is great for those that need that structure. Working from home is a great way to earn the income you need to pay your way through life without needing to leave your house.