Why This FlexiSpot Standing Desk is the Best

Having the perfect desk has never been so important during recent times where most of us have found ourselves working, learning and spending most of our days from home, some more than ever before.

I know that for myself, after remote working from my kitchen table for months on end, I realized just how key it was to create a dedicated workspace; particularly one that encourages functional movement and mobility throughout the course of a day.

We all know that sitting for extended periods of time can take a toll on both your physical and mental well-being. If you work a sedentary job or find yourself sitting for most of the day feeling fatigued or in pain, a convertible sit-stand desk may be the answer.

Research shows the multitude of health benefits that a standing desk can offer, including increased productivity, heightened energy and even weight loss. In fact, a study of call center employees found that employees with standing desks were 45% more productive than colleagues who sat during their shifts.

A desk that allowed the ability to both sit and stand freely without too many bells and whistles was what I was after.

Sturdy and straightforward, the Esben Standing DeskUD5 by FlexiSpot hit every mark. The desk arrived professionally packed in one box with all parts perfectly in place and was easy to assemble in a matter of minutes. Sleek and minimalist,FlexiSpot’s height-adjustable desk combines the cute hutch style of a classic secretary’s desk with the healthy ergonomics of a sit-stand desk.

It’s clear that the desk was designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. With its clean wooden top and glossy white metal legs, it’s not your typical eye-sore office furniture. Four spacious hutch compartments line the front of the desk that are perfect for keeping all of my notes and office supplies organized, while there’s still plenty of room on the spacious desktop panel for cute plant and photo decorations to help keep me motivated throughout the day. In fact, the 47.2″-wide desktop surface is so large that you could even lay out a puzzle or board game.

The best feature of all, however, is the the advanced control panel that provides four memory preset buttons where you can preprogram your preferred desk height for not just yourself, but other users who want to use the electric desk, too.

Needless to say, my WFH life has tremendously improved since the FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk UD5 has come into my life. Priced at $500, the desk is a worthwhile investment as a functional furniture piece that will do wonders for your health and productivity.

Dedicated to creating a refreshed workstation, FlexiSpot also offers customization and add-ons to its desks, including under-desk bikes, ergonomic chairs, standing desk mats, under-desk treadmills, and more.

Shop the FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk UD5 or learn more at www.flexispot.com.

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