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Is New York City Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be?


In a word, yes! If you’ve visited New York City, you know it’s like a whole different planet replete with stellar enticements, entertainment and adventure. And if you’ve not been there, maybe you’re swept up by the romanticism of the Big Apple from shows like Sex and the City.  In either case, perhaps you’re wondering about the hubbub surrounding NYC.  To be sure, there’s no place on...


How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Vacation


Dogs can be great travel companions. Your pup can provide good company, add a sense of security, boost your mood, and make your trip more enjoyable. Their positive energy, eagerness to learn, and adventurous nature will keep you entertained, change your perspective, and enlighten your travel experience. However, your vacation can go south if you’ve failed to prepare for your pet’s safety and well-being. Continue reading for advice. 


Where To Stay And What To Do In San Diego


With average daily temperatures in the high 60’s to the low 70’s and proximity to Los Angeles, Tijuana, beaches, and the mountains, San Diego is an incredible city to visit. 


6 Ways to Safely Enjoy the Beach With Your Dog


Owning a pet brings many benefits to your life: companionship, emotional support, joy, laughter, and cuddles. Almost every house should have a pet, and if you're part of the 70% of people that own one, you'd likely agree. The company that pets can provide is fulfilling in ways that human relationships can't bring to the table. If you're like many people, you take your dog everywhere, from running errands to friends' houses and everywhere in between. While your dog enjoys the day-to-day trips with you, taking them to the beach for some quality time is a special treat for both of you, but it takes careful planning and a few considerations. Keep reading for tips on how to enjoy the beach safely and carefree with your dog.


7 Must-See Rodeos Across Texas


They say everything is bigger in Texas. The number of rodeos across the state adds credence to that famous saying. At last count, 85 rodeos are happening in Texas every year, far more than in any other state.

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