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The southwest portion of the United States offers a unique and stunning landscape many people can’t wait to visit. This area is truly one of a kind, from incredible rock formations to beautiful desert landscapes.

A popular state in the southwest region is Arizona. Traveling through the Grand Canyon State offers visitors a lot of sightseeing opportunities and exciting stops along the way. 

When traveling through Arizona, it’s essential to be prepared for anything — from potential injuries to car accidents. Finding options for auto insurance in AZ if you’re renting a car and making sure you are aware of local hospital locations can help you stay safe on your journey. 

Once you’ve prepared yourself and the vehicle you’re taking, including checking into roadside assistance, it’s time to check out some of the most impressive, can’t-miss spots the Grand Canyon State has to offer. 

#1 – The Grand Canyon

Starting with arguably the most well-known location in the state of Arizona, the Grand Canyon is at the top of the list for a reason. This natural wonder is truly a sight to behold for its visitors.

The canyon stretches an incredible 277 miles and is 18 miles wide and 6,000 feet deep at its deepest point. About six million years ago, the Colorado River formed, which can still be seen at the bottom of the canyon today. Over time, the river slowly carved away at the rocks to form the canyon.

Today, the Grand Canyon is a popular tourist attraction and destination for many visitors to Arizona. While the area may be crowded, the beauty of this spot should make it worth your while. 

You can view the canyon in multiple areas, and some may require a little hiking to reach the breathtaking views. No matter where you choose to view the Grand Canyon, it should undoubtedly be on your list of can’t-miss spots when visiting Arizona. 

#2 – Horseshoe Bend

Another incredible yet less popular natural wonder in the Grand Canyon State is Horseshoe Bend. Named for the dramatic horseshoe shape the Colorado River makes around a steep sandstone wall, this stop offers breathtaking views. 

This site was also formed by the mighty Colorado River, carving its way through the rocks but unable to penetrate the dense sandstone, causing the river to create its unique path. Now, the stark contrast between the river’s stunning waters and the sandstone surrounding it makes for a view unlike any other. 

The views of Horseshoe Bend do require some footwork to reach them, as the trail is just under a mile each way. However, if you’re looking for a truly breathtaking spot that you can’t miss, this location is well worth the hike. 

#3 – Tombstone

Old West towns are hard to come by in modern times, but Tombstone manages to bring the past to life in an incredible way. Dubbed “the town too tough to die” but its residents, Tombstone offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience.

The streets of Tombstone were once walked by famous gamblers such as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. The town is full of incredibly preserved historic buildings, allowing you to feel that you’ve stepped straight back in time.

During your visit, be sure to check out the history tours, which can be done by foot, trolley, or in proper historical fashion by stagecoach. The town also offers many museums, shopping, dining, underground mine experiences, and even gunfight reenactments. 

While there are many unique towns throughout the Grand Canyon State, Tombstone offers a truly magical experience for its visitors, making it a can’t-miss spot in Arizona. 

#4 – Lake Havasu

This stunning lake was formed when the Colorado River was dammed in the 1930s. The dam created nearly 450 miles of shoreline, and the lake was filled with 211 billion gallons of water in the early 1940s. 

Today, Lake Havasu is a popular location for recreational fishing and boating. Many people also come for the beautiful, white sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere that most likely wouldn’t expect to find in Arizona. 

For those looking for some more extreme activities around the lake, options like off-road tours and watersport rentals are available. The guided off-road tour allows you to see some unique locations around the lake, such as old mining camps.

Another truly special opportunity Lake Havasu offers is the chance to visit the London Bridge. Portions of the bridge were originally built in England during the 12th century, but the city decided over time they no longer had use for it and wished to replace it. In 1967 the bridge was sold, dismantled, and rebuilt over the Colorado River in Lake Havasu City.

Whether you’re a fan of lying on a beautiful beach, fishing, boating, or visiting incredible monuments, there is something for everyone at the stunning Lake Havasu in Arizona, which is why it’s a spot you just can’t miss. 

#5 –  Tumacacori National Historical Park

Located in southern Arizona, Tumacacori National Historical Park is home to the ruins of three incredible missions built during the Spanish Colonial Era, with the oldest dating back to 1691. Over time, the missions were abandoned, leaving behind the beautiful ruins visitors can now explore today.

Guided tours are available for those hoping to see the ruins up close. Dates and times may vary, so it’s always best to check the park’s website for tour availability.

At the visitor center, you will be immersed in a quick video of the history of these buildings before setting out to explore them. If you’re not up for exploration or simply looking for more activities at the park, there are plenty of other options. The park offers a trail, orchard, and stunning garden area for visitors to enjoy. 

Tumacacori National Historical Park’s incredibly rich history and one-of-a-kind experience to tour authentic Spanish Colonial Era missions are why it’s a can’t-miss spot while exploring Arizona.

The Best Spots to Stop in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State is home to many incredible cities and natural wonders. Although it’s challenging to narrow those spots to only a select few, these locations are worth the trip.

Whether you choose the well-known Grand Canyon, the unique Horseshoe Bend, the Old West town of Tombstone, the relaxing waters of Lake Havasu, or the historic Tumacacori National Historical Park, you won’t leave disappointed by these incredible destinations. 

Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the auto insurance comparison site, AutoInsuranceEZ.com. She is an avid traveler who enjoys finding the best locations all across the country.