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Sustainability in Hospitality: Eco-Friendly Practices in Arizona's Hotels and Resorts


Sustainability is a hot-button term in modern society, but few people truly understand all aspects of what it takes to create a sustainable structure. Building a sustainable facility requires balancing energy efficiency with durability to limit ongoing resource consumption. It also requires choosing materials that are easy to work with, as the construction process is an often-overlooked aspect that...


5 Can't-Miss Spots to Visit in Arizona


The southwest portion of the United States offers a unique and stunning landscape many people can’t wait to visit. This area is truly one of a kind, from incredible rock formations to beautiful desert landscapes.


Five Items to Pack on Every Trip


It doesn’t matter what trip you are about to set out on, there are a few things that you should always pack. Packing is one of the most significant aspects of travel. Whether you are leaving for months abroad or a week camping, each packing list should include a few items. The more one travels, the more you understand what is vital when you’re gone on a trip. It’s a cardinal sin to overpack, but it’s also a bad move to forget some of the essential items. Below are the five items you should pack on every trip.


Visiting Sloan Park for the Cubs Spring Training? Here are Five More Things to Do While in Tempe While You're Here


Spring training is, no doubt, a very exciting time here in Arizona. Our beautiful state becomes a major center for baseball and the weather is at its finest, making it perfect for outdoor events. People flock from all corners of the United States to get a glimpse at the Grand Canyon State. 


Is New York City Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be?


In a word, yes! If you’ve visited New York City, you know it’s like a whole different planet replete with stellar enticements, entertainment and adventure. And if you’ve not been there, maybe you’re swept up by the romanticism of the Big Apple from shows like Sex and the City.  In either case, perhaps you’re wondering about the hubbub surrounding NYC.  To be sure, there’s no place on earth like New York City. So, if you’re thinking about visiting or living in NYC, then here are a few things to inspire you further.

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