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Your Guide to a Complete Arizona Getaway


Anybody who doesn’t view Arizona as a tourist attraction is missing out on some top-notch bucket-list achievements. The historic cultures and sights strewn all across this hallowed state are experiences you won’t find anywhere else. So much so that it's difficult to know where to even start.


Planning a Memorable Hike in Arizona


From the summit of Humphrey’s Peak to the gorgeous desert views in Monument Valley, Arizona is a hiker’s paradise. The state is home to some of the most beautiful trails in the world. 

If you want to spend more of the new year exploring the outdoors, here’s what you need to know before heading off on your first hike. 


How to Get Ready for Your Upcoming Vacation


When it comes to planning a vacation for yourself or your family, what should be an adventure can feel like a grand undertaking. Travel, food expenses, lodging, and amusing recreational activities all have to be accounted for when creating a plan of attack for your next trip. To help iron out any possible last-minute freakout moments, here are some ways to help you get ready for your upcoming vacation. 


The Top 5 Water Locations for a San Diego Vacation


San Diego is one of the country’s most popular vacation spots because of its year-long sunny, seasonal weather, beautiful views, incredible restaurants, and vibrant culture. One of the biggest draws is its massive variety of water-based activities. For Arizonians looking to escape the summer heat or the winter chill and hit sunny beaches and bays, San Diego represents a close-proximity vacation spot with a seemingly endless menu of options.


Hike Responsibly at Arizona’s State Parks


If you’re like many Arizonans, you’re looking for safe, healthy ways that you can get out of the house during this national crisis. One great way to escape cabin fever is to head to Arizona’s state parks, which remain open for hiking and outdoor recreation.

To get started, check out the list of parks online and pick one that looks intriguing. There are 23 parks where you can get a breath of fresh air and explore the trails. No matter what part of the state you set your sights on, there will be a park for you. There are maps and descriptions of each park available at

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