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Anybody who doesn’t view Arizona as a tourist attraction is missing out on some top-notch bucket-list achievements. The historic cultures and sights strewn all across this hallowed state are experiences you won’t find anywhere else. So much so that it's difficult to know where to even start.

One thing is certain, with all the landmarks, bar-hopping, and hiking you're likely to do, you’re going to want to carry light throughout the day. That means starting the day with little baggage and only immediate essentials. Allow these landmark and activity suggestions to be your guide to the greatest leisures across the Grand Canyon State.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave the Nest

The first rule and guide of any vacation is to let all your cares fade away. Don’t worry about work or any of your home duties. If you, as most people, have been working tirelessly, you’ve more than earned a get away. Especially if you have been running a business the past few years, you’ve especially earned a moment to treat yourself. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself with a well-deserved getaway. Your business isn’t going to burn to the ground the second you step away. That’s why you hired supervisors and employees to assist you. Besides with the convenience of business apps, virtual cards,and other technologies, you can track all your business transactions and shipment invoices while you’re away. So have confidence that your work and your business is in good hands.

Navajo Tribal Park

This 17-mile stretch of land is home to a number of sights both historically and culturally of the Navajo Indian tribe. This enormously glamorous plain preserves the natural element of what life was like in a pre-society era. From the magnificent sandstone of Monument Valley to the only spot where 4 states intersect, this park checks off a number of bucket-list goals. Standing at the very scene of an untampered pre-American landscape is a humbling encounter you’ll never forget.

The Grand Canyon

There’s a reason the Grand Canyon is among the most talked-about natural monuments in the world. That’s because as hyped as this historic site is, it lives up to in a personalized experience. Its breathtaking vastness puts the scope of life and time in perspective in a way that only witnessing first hand can accurately convey. If you’re tired of hearing about it, visit the site yourself and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

Downtown Phoenix

Being one of the most lively downtown atmospheres in the country makes the downtown phoenix area a must experience for locals and tourists alike. Its natural energy alone is contagious enough to leave a permanent imprint on your life. With live performances at the heart of the downtown courtyard, the vibes are ever-flowing throughout the strip. You’ll want to dine near the center of the action and check out the downtown arts that reflect the local and historical cultures. Don’t forget to stop by a souvenir shop before you leave.

Saguaro National Parks

This park is home to the most beautiful cacti known to man. If your perspective of the cactus is plain and boring, you’ve obviously never visited this state park. The cacti that flourish here can be likened to exotic flowers in cactus form. Especially at dusk, catching this breathtaking expanse can be likened to a painting. Don’t forget to bring a good camera and plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated, especially if you plan to visit during the summer.

Hoover Dam

This historical American structure stands as a landmark for revolutionary engineering as equally as its reflection of American history. At the height of the great depression, engineers embarked on a dangerous project that would alter the course of the American depression.

 While the dam was necessary to provide hydroelectric resources between territories, it also created over 21,000 jobs in an era where work was nearly obsolete. The providence of these jobs alone is what elevated America from the depths of the depression and into a thriving economy once more. In its presence, one can’t help but gaze in awe at the peak of American engineering that reflects the character of American perseverance. If you’re any kind of history buff, the Hoover Dam will leave you breathless in both sight and historical significance.

The Full Picture

While you can’t take in all of Arizona at once (and would be unwise to try), take in the collective experience one activity at a time. Even if it means visiting only one of the suggested locations per day, plan your trip or weekend getaway gradually. Too many activities each day can hinder you from enjoying the significance of each location to the fullest. You don’t want to burn yourself out or overwhelm yourself and take it all in enjoyably. One thing is certain, you’ll return home culturally and historically broadened in ways you never thought possible.