The Garland: A Hip LA Hotel With Family Appeal


Let’s be honest: Kid hotels aren’t much fun for parents. Moms and dads do it, they slumber at princess palaces and waterpark worlds because it’s part of the job requirement, not because they like it. On the flipside, “grown up” resorts are a flop for kids who feel restricted when they have to tip toe around and use their inside voice. Can’t we just reach a compromise? The Garland in North Hollywood more than fills the gap.



Parks for Rec: People Packing in National Parks

Grand Canyon

The highest number of Americans in recent years are heading to national parks August 25 in recognition of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary. According to a recent AAA survey, a whopping 85 percent of U.S. adults have visited at least one national park, and 79 percent are as likely or more likely to visit a national park in the next 12 months. Visitation to the national parks reached an all-time high in 2015, with more than 307 million visitors. The demand for national parks is off the charts this year, as the wide variety of national parks offer something for every traveler to discover.



Summer Getaway: Big Sur Coast, California

Big Sur

by Kelly Potts

When you stop to think about it, nearly all fairy tales are set in a land far, far away for one simple reason: to allow readers to step outside their daily reality. But where, exactly, is this mythical place? It’s closer than you realize because nowhere could be further removed from your everyday life than the 90-mile section of Highway 1 that runs through central California’s Big Sur coast. Its remote location, carved into the steep face of the Santa Lucia Mountains above the crashing Pacific, means it’s far removed from the daily deluge of emails, text messages, and phone calls...


What to Do If You Get Ill or Injured on Vacation


When we’re planning a vacation, few of us factor in a plan for handling injuries or illnesses during the trip. After all, we’re taking a vacation to relax, not increase our stress levels. Planning vacations is stressful enough as it is without thinking about getting ill or injured while you’re away from home.


Tips on Snagging the Best Booking


By: Kelly Potts

Traveling is one of the best feelings – yet booking a trip on your own can be the worst. Everyone likes to try their hands at finding the best trip for them but, travel agents are your greatest ally when it comes to finding your next great adventure.

AAA Travel experts offer three tips to remember when booking travel:

  • Flexibility is key. The more flexible with your dates you can be when you are traveling, you will have a better chance of finding the best pricing on everything from airfare, to admission tickets and...
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