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It doesn’t matter what trip you are about to set out on, there are a few things that you should always pack. Packing is one of the most significant aspects of travel. Whether you are leaving for months abroad or a week camping, each packing list should include a few items. The more one travels, the more you understand what is vital when you’re gone on a trip. It’s a cardinal sin to overpack, but it’s also a bad move to forget some of the essential items. Below are the five items you should pack on every trip.

Power Bank

It doesn’t matter where you are going or what you are doing, a power bank will always come in handy when you’re traveling. Whether you’re in the mountains of Patagonia or are hanging out in Chicago, when your phone starts to die you will be happy that you have a mobile charger. All you must do is charge the power bank at night and put it in your pocket. 

You will be able to keep your phone and other devices charged up. If you need to get somewhere in a foreign place, you will be glad you have the extra power. Of course, your phone is needed more when you are abroad and don’t speak the language, but it is always a good idea to bring a power bank with you—on any trip that you take.

Plenty of Underwear & Socks

Whether you’re traveling for business, going camping, or are taking a vacation on a tropical island, having enough socks and underwear will change your experience. You don’t need as many clothes as you need socks and underwear. Often when you’re on the road, you will need to wash up, brush your teeth, and change your socks and underwear.

Even if you’re just walking around a hot city, you will want to change your underwear before going out that night. Not only should you try to always be comfortable, changing out these items keeps up your hygiene. When you feel better on the road, you will have a better experience. Two things you can overpack are socks and underwear.


Even if you are going somewhere cold during the winter months, you should bring a pair of sunglasses with you. There is no shortage of moments when you want to cover your eyes. Even if it isn’t sunny out, you might want to fall asleep on a bus ride or flight. When you don’t have an eye mask, sunglasses can do the job. Furthermore, when you are spending time outdoors, you will want to cover your eyes from the sun and protect your sight. You will be more comfortable and prepared for any situation. It’s also a good idea to bring Nike Skylon Ace replacement lenses, Oakley Feedback replacement lenses,  or lenses for whichever model of sunglasses you’re wearing --just in case you break or scratch them. You will be ready for any experience that calls for covering your eyes.

One Book

Books are heavy, but it’s always worth bringing a single book on any trip. The odds are you will have some downtime with nothing to do. A book comes in clutch during these moments. Whether you’re on a flight with no Wi-Fi or can’t seem to fall asleep because you are jet-lagged, a book passes those moments well. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to Europe or taking a road trip across America, a book is a great thing to bring. Even still, just bring one. Packing more than one book adds a lot of weight and therefore stress to the trip.


Lastly, wherever you are going and for however long you are going there, you should bring some good sunscreen with you. Even if you don’t think it will be hot, if you are spending time in the sun you will want to have something with a high SPF to protect your skin. There is nothing worse than backpacking with a sunburn. You will be able to avoid discomfort and annoying situations if you bring some nice sunscreen. It should always be on your packing list.

Different trips are united by the things you should bring. It’s never a good idea to overpack, but the essentials will help you enjoy your trip as much as possible. Wherever you are headed next, be sure to bring the five items above. You won’t regret having them.