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You would think with a town called Tombstone, you would be bored to death. However, located in southern Arizona, Tombstone is “the town too tough to die.” Travel back into history and experience a taste of the old wild west.


Reenactment Photos
Channel your inner cowboy and capture the moment with reenactment photos you can take in costumes. Pretend to save a damsel in distress, be a part of a shooting showdown or pose as the sheriff while wearing a badge, all of which can be done at Madame Mustache or Tombstone Photo Studio. www.madamemustache.com. www.tombstonephoto.net.

Tour the town the old fashioned way with transportation via wagons, stagecoaches, trolleys or jeeps and learn about the colorful history from ghost tales to legends. If you are into a little adventure, also tour the underground mines, notable for silver mining, with Good Enough Mine Tours. www.guideddiscoverytours.com. www.tombstonetrolleytours.com.

Even though bar fights and drawing out pistols at each other is most likely prohibited, you can still experience the good feeling of sitting and drinking in an old saloon at the Crystal Palace Saloon and Four Deuces Saloon. www.crystalpalacesaloon.com. www.fourdeucessaloon.com.

If merely hearing stories of ghosts and the supernatural that occurred in town are not enough, you can visit the Boothill Graveyard, the first graveyard of the town, along with the Rose Tree Museum, which is the home to the largest rose tree in the world. Also see the archaic dresses, suits, and accessories at Andrea’s museum of Victorian fashion. www.tombstonechamber.com/museums.

Gun shows
Sit on the edge of your seats while watching the classic gun shows featured in the Helldorado Town Gunfight or learn about vintage guns at the Big Iron Shooting Gallery where you are able to test out the guns as well. www.helldoradodays.com.