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Two Valley Businesses Team Up to Provide Hand Sanitizer to Locals

PurMD Bottle IMG_1259.png

Two Arizona small business leaders have teamed up to provide locals hard-to-find hand sanitizer while also giving back to the community. 

Local business leaders from Tempe-based Phat Scooters and Scottsdale-based PurMD – with help from their primary lender, Precedo Capital – have partnered to provide hand sanitizer to the community. The two Arizona companies...


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020


Mothers Day Gift Guide.001.jpeg.001 copy

Mother's Day is upon us!

Here are our picks for the coolest gifts this year, for the coolest mom of all time.

  1. Cross Stitch Kit, $22, Subversive Cross Stitch.
  2. Bloomed Roses in Glass Vase, $69. The French Bee.

Coming Together to Celebrate Arizona’s Teachers and 2020’s Graduates


Now more than ever, it is important for teachers and students to feel celebrated and seen since we will not be able to celebrate their personal milestones and show our appreciation in traditional ways. So, Expect More Arizona put together two holidays—Arizona Teacher Appreciation Day and Arizona Graduate Recognition Day—to celebrate our educators and their students. AZFoothills had the opportunity to speak with Christine Thompson, CEO of Expect More Arizona, in regard to these celebrations. 



Shop the Jewelry in the 2020 Best Of Our Valley Fashion Spread

If you loved the jewels from London Gold that were featured in this year's Best Of Our Valley issue, you are in luck!

We partnered with the Best Of winner to pull together the jucier than juicy fashion shoot - bright swim, bright makeup and staycation-friendly jewels are the ultimate 2020 vibe.

Check out our shoppable jewelry credits below!

Screen Shot 2020 04 27 at 2.07.58 PM

Yael Designs Turquoise & Diamond Dangles, $4,532.

Doves Diamond Halo & Apatite Ring 18KY, $1,929

Screen Shot 2020 04 27 at 2.12.14 PM

I. Reiss 14K-Y OPEN LINK NECK., 0.50CT, $6,500

I. Reiss 14K-Y REC. CNTR. RING, 0.15CT, $1,625

Doves Amazon Breeze Ring, $3,087

I. Reiss 14K-Y GALLERY RING, 0.20CT, $1,900

Screen Shot 2020 04 27 at 2.07.52 PM

I. Reiss 14K-Y CUT-OUT CUFF BR., 0.20CT, $5,500


We Are Living in a Historic Moment. How Do You Want To Remember It?

Here in America, we are all currently on lockdown due to COVID-19, which comes with firm guidelines from our state and federal government. Some of you may see these guidelines as a true blessing for our health and safety while others have a mix of emotions, theories, and frustrations. Regardless, we should all agree that so many of us are in a different state of mind than we could have ever imagined from just a month ago. Who has felt fear, anxiety, nervousness, sadness, disbelief and depression? To put it simply, this virus and the news that surrounds it has an overwhelming impact on our everyday emotions.

Like many of you, I have read the online self-help articles, blogs, and social media posts of how to cope during this time...

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