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There are many ways that technology continues to make life more convenient. Everything from grocery delivery, to tips to organize your home, to finding your favorite products means that you get more time back in your life to do the things that matter most. No more spending hours at a time at the stores trying to find everything you need. Subscription boxes are another way that technology is helping to create convenience and here are some of the products you may not have known you could subscribe to online.

Toilet Paper

You may never need to worry about store shortages again if you subscribe to your toilet paper each month. You can easily get bulk toilet paper sent to your home so you don’t need to battle it out at the grocery store. Additionally, many companies online offer discounts when you subscribe so you can even save money on eco-friendly toilet paper options like ones made out of bamboo.


What kind of roasts are your favorite? What if you could try a new one every month? Did you know you can subscribe to get a variety of coffee selections sent to your home? This means that if you have a special place in your heart for Fair Trade products, or you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, you can enjoy fresh beans sent to you monthly.

Fashionable Clothes

Sometimes we need someone else to dress us based on our size, likes, and dislikes. You’d be amazed at the amazing choices you get when you subscribe to any number of fashion boxes. Try out something like Stitch Fix. You may get an outfit you would’ve never considered putting together but that looks perfect on you.


Companies like Dollar Shave Club have been shipping razors for years now and their model is simple and powerful. Getting your razors each month through a subscription means you never need to go searching through the store for the refills for your 3-year old handle that doesn’t fit the new razors anymore.


Do you love a variety of different snacks, but don’t want to buy a big box of each of them during the month? Companies like Snacknation have your back. You can get a monthly subscription box with a variety of snacks to curb any craving you have. Got a sweet tooth? Eat a snack. Want something salty? Check your box. If you’re daring, you can even try out some new things as well.

Kids Homeschool Resources

One of the coolest things about subscription boxes is that you get something new that you may not have thought to buy or do. For parents of new homeschooling kids, finding fun and engaging activities can feel overwhelming. There are a variety of art boxes, science boxes, and even full homeschool boxes that you can incorporate into your curriculum. These resources are an excellent supplement and can expose your kids to new books, projects, and opportunities to learn.


Want healthy, glowing skin? There are so many skincare products on the market it can be hard to find a system that works for you. Many skincare boxes come with everything you need from lotions, creams, and toners to ensure you get the best skin possible. Some even come in sample sizes so you can try it out before you buy the larger bottles of skincare products.

Fruits and Vegetables

Forget buying a fruit basket. There are companies out there that specialize in sending you fresh fruits and vegetables on a monthly basis. You can even get in on the ugly food trend by buying from companies like Misfits Market. They specialize in selling you the produce items that didn’t look good enough to sell in stores but are still perfectly fine to eat, they are just ugly. You’ll get your two-headed carrots, scuffed-up mangoes, and more. They offer seasonal items from organic farms and offer different-sized boxes depending on your needs.

International boxes

Do you love learning about other cultures? Subscription boxes that come from other countries can give you a literal taste of the culture. These boxes can offer basic language tips, new and interesting snacks, and some of the most popular products around. You’ll love how they help you connect in new ways to various international locations.