5 Easy Organizing Tips to Get Your Space in Tip-Top Shape

Organizing your space, whether large or small, can sometimes feel like an overwhelming, daunting and time-consuming task. Instead of telling yourself for the umpteenth time that you’ll clean out the closet or make room in the kitchen next time, consider enlisting the help of a professional organizer. Besides tidying up your home, an organization pro can also introduce new methods of organizing so you can learn how to manage and maintain your new and perfectly neat space.

After many years of helping friends and family move, unpack and decorate their homes, Bailee Howell decided to turn the passion of decluttering into a business by founding her own organizing company, Living Precisely. Living Precisely offers services in all areas of the home, including pantries, closets, garages, offices and more. Below are Bailee’s five go-to organizing tips for every home.

1. Matching Hangers

Use matching hangers in your closet to give the space a clean and eye-appealing look. It will take away any distractions when trying to pick out your outfits and getting ready!

Pro tip: The top popular hangers to choose from are matching plastic, wood or velvet.

2. Decant Spices

Decant spices into matching, clear, and labeled jars in your pantry or spice cabinet. This allows you to easily see what spice to use and/or which spices you are running low on and need to shop for, all while you are already in the kitchen cooking!

Pro tip: Get a large basket in your pantry, just big enough, to hold all extra spices and refill the jars as needed.

3. Purge Items

Whether it be clothing, expired food, or cleaning supplies; go through items throughout the house every 6 months to a year and purge what is no longer needed, used or enjoyed.

Pro tip: If the items have not been worn or used in a year or since the last time you did the purging process, it is time to let them go!

4. Drawer Separators

Use drawer separators in kitchen or dresser drawers to keep items neatly categorized and organized. When you can easily see items in their correct spot it will be easier to locate in the future, less complicated to put away and will take much less time to clean-up.  

Pro tip: Bamboo drawer separators found on Amazon are our go-to product!

5. Go Through the Mail

Go through mail as you receive it and either recycle, shred or file it. This ensures that there is no “pile-up” of papers throughout the house or in one spot of the home.

Pro tip: Go paperless with most of your bills, policies and newsletters!

About Living Precisely

Bailee Howell

Bailee graduated from NAU with a bachelor’s in dental hygiene, telling you that her type A personality has always driven her desire for perfection. Bailee enjoys providing her clients with confidence, peace of mind and a smile on their face. Living Precisely believes and stands by the saying “a happy home is a healthy home.” When you have an organized space to come home to and a system to fall back on you gain more control over your work, family and personal life. Living Precisely guarantees every client the opportunity to live a simplified life. The company can also help with organizing your daily and monthly to-do lists with the custom Living Precisely to-do list journal made by My Fit Journal. It’s time to: Declutter, Organize, Style!  

Learn more about how Living Precisely can help you get organized by visiting www.livingprecisely.com and following on Instagram @livingprecisely.

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