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These Are the Most Important Wedding Traditions Worth Maintaining


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue: these are the wedding traditions that have been around for ages. Their roots are buried so that hardly anyone knows how they came to be. Even so, there is a good chance that someone at your wedding will be familiar with the tradition and carry it forward in some way. The first two seem inescapable. Everything about a wedding is...


St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas


With Spring approaching and St. Patrick Day near, what better time to host an outdoor celebration? St. Patrick’s day is one of the last holidays to celebrate before the Fourth of July. Therefore, why not make it fun?! There are so many DIY party ideas and St. Patrick's Day inspired recipes you can add to enhance the party. 


5 Things Every Cat Owner Needs


Pets bring immense joy to the households they inhabit, and caring for the physical and emotional well-being is a priority for every pet owner. If you're getting a pet home for the first time, specifically a cat, there are some things you are going to want to have on hand before your new furbaby arrives. These items make the transition to their new home easier on the cat, making things easier for you as the pet owner. Many people fawn and worry over their pets the same way they would over their human children, so having the peace of mind that all cats' needs are met is paramount. Let's take a look at the things every cat owner needs so you and your furry companion can live your best lives!


Best of Our Valley 2021 Winners: THE LIST

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The LIST is here...the winners of the thirteenth annual Best of Our Valley contest are here! Each year AZ Foothills asks readers to vote on their favorite Valley people, places, and more. The contest is answered with thousands of votes and hundreds of winners.

Best of Our Valley contest winners will be featured in the 2021 'Best of Our Valley' issues of Arizona Foothills...


Millennials Turn To Wedding Planning Tech And Tools Amid The Pandemic


Just as the wedding season got underway last year, couples across the country had to prioritize the health and safety of others by canceling or postponing their festivities. Venues were closed to the general public, and supply chain issues made acquiring everything from favors to wedding gowns challenging. Not to mention, traveling and gathering in groups is all but restricted. While this has created obstacles for engaged couples, millennials have found a way to make their special day happen anyway. Continue reading to learn how. 

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