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10 Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix: Labor Day Edition

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Happy Labor Day weekend! Whether you want to kick back with a beer and the first football games of the year at your favorite bar or head out on a jeep tour of Sedona, your Labor Day weekend is sure to be exciting. Here’s what’s going on this weekend in the Valley (August 31 to Sept. 3.)


The Crypt Haunted Attractions: All-New Nightmares

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One of Arizona's longest-running haunted houses, The Crypt, The Asylum and The Chaos Maze (CarnEVIL) returns with all new scares to torment those who dare enter. It opens Friday, Sept. 28, at 7 p.m.

The Crypt is the first haunted attraction that’s filled with ghouls, ghosts and the departed that are just waiting for you to join them in the dance of the dead. If you dare go deeper, you’ll find yourself at The Asylum, where you’ll meet Dr. Vantas test experiment patients, who might make you test experiments of their own. The deepest you can go in The Crypt is The Chaos Maze...


10 Things to Do this Weekend in Phoenix

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We’ve got comedy shows, sporting events, dance lessons and a starlight railroad tour (with specialty cocktails we may add). This weekend is sure to be jammed packed with exhilarating activities. Here is what’s going on in the Valley August 24-26.


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“Rose and Walsh” at Theatre Artist Studio

At the Theatre Artist Studio in Phoenix, Neil Simon’s last play is a hilarious...


10 Things to Do This Weekend in Phoenix

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This weekend is perfect for taking on the Valley - whether that be hitting your stride at Skateland, LOLing at stand-up comedy, or catching some sun poolside with a cocktail. Gather your friends and let’s cheers to the weekend. Here is what’s going on (August 17 to August 19). 



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Fun Home at the Phoenix Theatre

A story of reflection...


Four Peaks Mining Co. at OdySea in the Desert

Four Peaks_store image.jpg

We may be a few months away from the holiday-shopping season, but OdySea in the Desert in Scottsdale has welcomed a fantastic new shop that you'll want to put on your list: Four Peaks Mining Co. 

The store features hand-crafted and unique jewelry made from gemstones mined around the world, like Indian Moonstones, topaz from Brazil, larimar from the Dominican Republic and so much more. Four Peaks Mining Co.'s signature gemstone, the Four...

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