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The Bachelor: Arizona Coyotes Tell All


Last week, the Women Tell All episode of the Bachelor hit the screen and there was a gasp heard around the world as fans watched all the dirty little secrets producers kept hidden be poured out. Things got chaotic, to say the least. Tears came down, claws came out and secrets were spilled while emotionally invested fans sipped their wine and ate their ice cream on...


4 Tips For Keeping The Fire in Your Relationship


What do you do when your relationship has gone vanilla? It's a question I hear all the time. I know it's hard to have the same pizzazz you did when you first met your partner, but you need to get the relationship on track, and more importantly keep it that way. Otherwise, it's like a fish swimming upstream, it's hard to get it back.



So, the key is to not let it get that far gone in the first place. You'll see articles about having date night, dressing up in sexy...


10 Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix

10 Things to do in Phoenix This Weekend


We know; it’s just been one of those weeks. To reward you for making it, even if you were crawling passed the finish line, we have put together a little list of things to get your mind off work responsibilities for a couple of breathable seconds. So prepare yourselves for a groovy weekend of March 2-4 with lots of tunes, delicious foods and famous dudes visiting the Valley.




Cavalia: The White Big Top is Back in Scottsdale!

You’ve all seen it!  The signature White Big Top near Red Mountain 202 at McClintock Dr. in Scottsdale. But many wonder what the majestic tents may be…. 

15 Scottsdale AZ Cavalia Odysseo Big Top Raising

Cavalia Odysseo, the unique theatrical production and a grandiose multi-dimensional spectacle, is back in Scottsdale.  Phoenicians can soon expect a live Hollywood-style movie set, where the moving interactions between human and horse are at the heart of the action. Layers of...


10 Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix


After this week’s dreary gloom and cold showers, welcome back the sun this weekend, Feb. 16-18, with some fun in our perfect sunny and 75-degree forecast! From sports fanatics to music lovers, this weekend has something in store for everyone looking to get out and enjoy the Valley’s beautiful weather. And with Valentine’s Day deals still circling, the take advantage and do something out of the ordinary.




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