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The Importance of the Internet in Improved Neighborhood Connectivity


Without a doubt, encouraging unity and positive change for a better future in our world starts with connecting with your local community. After all, anybody can be in a community, but actually being part of your community is a lifestyle choice. And because the internet has redefined how neighborhoods interact, the ability to connect and impact your community is now easier than ever. 


How Churches in Arizona Are Responding to Reduced Attendance


According to a survey on church attendance, 48% of Americans claimed to attend church on a weekly basis in 2009.  By comparison, that number has continued to plummet drastically over the years to the point that only 28% of Americans attended church weekly in 2020. 


Saving Your Sanity The Easy Way


Life inevitably is always throwing us curveballs, isn't it? Whether we're working full time, parents, living the single life, in between jobs - it doesn't matter; life can get at you sometimes. And, in those moments, it's easy to feel a sense of overwhelm that makes even the toughest of us feel like they're struggling. The good news is that as much as this modern era can make us feel out of control sometimes, it can also put us in control just as quickly. So, if you're going through the tough stuff right now, have a case of the Sunday Scaries, or have just come out on the other side - keep this list of ways to save your sanity the easy way. 


Tips for Getting a Jump on 2022 Resolutions


Before 2022 arrives, it can be helpful to prepare yourself for any New Year's resolutions you may have. Indeed, you don't have to wait to begin improving your quality of life. Here are a few tips for gaining an advantage over your resolutions.


Four Ways To Spruce Up Your Life with Classic Rock


If you are a fan of classic rock music, then you already know there is no right time or place to break out those iconic tunes. It goes without saying that nearly everyone who was touched by the brilliance of John Lennon or the eclectic stage presence of Ringo Starr is still one of their diehard fans.

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