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Tesla has a mixed reputation. It is by far the largest maker of electric vehicles. They are symbols of luxury in many ways but for performance car lovers, they fall flat. You can’t get that guttural sound you hear when you drive a muscle car, and you don’t have that feeling behind the wheel of a gas-powered performance vehicle. Still, Tesla makes some fast cars and they are inarguably better for the environment. With quite a few different benefits of their cars, below are some reasons to buy a Tesla if you are a skeptical lover of performance vehicles.

They’re Better or the World

The most obvious argument for Tesla is that their cars are better for the environment. They don’t burn any fuel, although the production of their batteries isn’t exactly good for the world. Still, you can feel better about how much you drive. If you are conscious about the impact you have on the environment and want to mitigate your carbon footprint, buying a Tesla can help. It won’t solve our problems with fossil fuels and the degradation of the atmosphere, but you will gain peace of mind and push the needle in the right direction.

You Won’t Have to Pay for Gas

Another huge benefit of electric cars is that you don’t have to pay for gas. Gas prices have been through the roof recently. Electricity is a lot cheaper than paying for gas. With a charging station at home, you don’t have to worry about running out of electricity in your day-to-day life. Over time, the amount of money you save will add up quickly. You might make fun of Tesla at first, but you won’t anymore after how much money you find yourself saving on gas.

They Drive a Long Way On a Full Charge

The Tesla charge time isn’t as slow as you’d think. If you charge your car at home during the night, you can drive about 300 miles. This means that you can also take a road trip and only stop every 300 miles before recharging. There are plenty of hotels these days that have charging stations. Of course, gas is more accessible, but the number of stations to charge electric cars continue to pop up. The initial perspective people have on Tesla is that they take forever to charge, and while it can take eight to ten hours, you get a decent amount of driving out of it.

They Are Actually Fast

Tesla has been very vocal that their cars are fast. They are trying to compete with all the other performance vehicles. Their cars have beaten many speed records, but a lot of people don’t care because they don’t purr like gas-powered vehicles. While Tesla already makes fast cars, they will get faster as time goes on. The 2018 model goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds. Say what you will about the way Tesla’s cars look, how quiet they are, or that you must charge the car – they can drive fast.

There is No Need to Change Gears

One of the reasons Tesla’s cars can drive fast is that electric cars don’t need to change gears. The combustion engine must switch gears, but the electric engine has no need for switching gears. There is no difference between manual and automatic transmission in electric cars. They are all the same. This makes it possible to go even faster in a short amount of time. Without the need to change gears, cars drive differently. A lot more performance lovers will be interested in this, but many of them will despise it.

Tesla is a specific type of car company. They make electric vehicles with a specific look and feel. They are fast and intelligent. These cars are better for the environment, but they still perform well. With a full charge, you can drive for a while. You won’t have to pay for gas. Over time, buying a Tesla is a good investment. When you are thinking about buying a Tesla, there are plenty of reasons to purchase one but if you are all about performance it’s understandable why you might not be interested. Still, electric cars are the future.