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Photo credit: @keziahsphotgraphy 

Megan M. Shank

Makeup Artist and Owner of Makeup by Megan Marie


“I always looked up to my grandma so she most likely was the inspiration behind my passion for makeup,” says makeup artist Megan M. Shank, recalling her grandma’s slick of pink lipstick and frosty blue eyeshadow. Shank has been doing makeup for about 20 years; though she specializes in a more editorial style that enhances natural features, she is excited to challenge herself and start training in special effects makeup this summer. “Hopefully, one day, I’ll make it to the movies,” she says. Whether she is working on a photoshoot or, perhaps on the big screen down the road, Shank brings the same passion and integrity to each role. “With makeup, it’s my creative outlet. I still get excited and a little nervous with every job I do. I don’t think makeup can change who we are or how we feel, but when you look and feel your best, it’s easy to have confidence.”