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Brittney Capis 

Hair Artist with Brittney Capis Hair


How far would you travel for the hair of your dreams? For one of Brittney Capis’ clients, the answer would be about 500 miles. “I had a client recently travel from New Mexico to Gilbert so I could give her a total hair makeover,” says Capis. “She explained to me that during [nursing school] her self-confidence took a total nose dive, and she was hoping this would help her gain some of that confidence back. After I gave her long blonde gorgeous hair, she felt so incredible walking across the stage at her graduation and her confidence was through the roof.” The client continues to make the eight-hour drive every few months to visit Capis, who specializes in natural beaded row extensions and blonding. Capis has been in the hair industry for six years, even being the first student to finish Avalon School of Cosmetology with perfect attendance—and five month early.