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Hailey Hyde

Partner at YogaSix


Not many can say that their profession can help to overpower issues like depression, anxiety, obesity and loneliness. But such is the case for Hailey Hyde, who brought the boutique fitness and yoga studio, YogaSix, to Scottsdale within the past year. Hyde has been practicing yoga off and on for 15 years. “I love what it does for my mind, patience, body and overall well-being,” she says. “I knew this was something that I needed to share with the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.” At YogaSix, Hyde has been able to witness how yoga and its community have supported its members as well. “We have a member who has had several surgeries over the years, including the removal of her thyroid, leaving her body feeling off and unbalanced,” she says. “She joined YogaSix and practices regularly. Through her practice, she has been able to increase her mobility, add balance to her body and center herself.” In 2020, Hyde hopes to continue YogaSix’s positive impact on locals by opening three more studios.