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Ryan Read

Owner and Head Trainer at Thrive Specialized Training


After a back injury ended his professional basketball career eight years ago, Ryan Read moved to Scottsdale and launched Thrive Specialized Training, which concentrates on female physique training. “I have a passion for helping people, and over the years Thrive Specialized Training has grown into a community of support that goes far beyond the four walls of a gym,” he says. Thrive now has locations in Scottsdale, Phoenix and San Diego and hundreds of clients. With training, nutritional guidance and the empowering community at Thrive, Read has not only helped clients meet their physical goals but has also made a significant impact on their lives. “A [client] came to me with anorexia,” he says. “Through consistent training and support, the Thrive team helped her put on 23 pounds of muscle and drastically improve her health. This work is important to me because I have the unique opportunity to change lives for the better.”