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Lisa Graziosi

Founder of Extension Bar


For 10 years, Lisa Graziosi (previously Lisa Fresa Palacios) has been an in-demand hair stylist, specializing in hair extensions for the past decade. “I love to serve and making people look and feel their best!” she says. “Everyone deserves to have beautiful hair.” Now, Graziosi is making an even bigger mark on the beauty industry with the opening of Extension Bar in Scottsdale. “It’s the world’s first hair extension bar,” she says. “[It’s] a place where ladies can be confident that they will walk out with beautiful hair extensions tailored to their exact needs. We customize the whole experience giving you options and doing the best method for you based on your natural hair and your hair desires.” In 2020, Graziosi is excited to see clients stepping outside of their comfort zones when it comes to their locks—whether a drastic cut or a fresh color. “Just last week my client came in not knowing extensions were something in her reach,” she says. “When I was done, she was smiling from ear to ear and told me her husband called her sexy that night, and she hadn't felt sexy since before her kiddos.”