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Body + Fitness: It doesn’t get more gorgeous than the rosy-cheeked glow of someone who took the time to care for their physical self.

Adam Maielua

Lead Instructor at The Body Lab


Many people can relate to Adam Maielua. “I was burnt out from 11-plus years in the corporate world,” says the lead instructor at The Body Lab, a studio in Scottsdale and Phoenix with a focus on Pilates and Lagree Fitness. “I was too focused on obtaining success and power. I neglected health, happiness and love. Now, I love every minute of my life by sharing my health and happiness with anyone willing to try.” After realizing that he was lying to himself about what really matters in life, he can now see that same issue in others—and he has set out to change that. “I have an 80-year-old client who has been with me since day one—10 years now. She doesn’t try to keep up with anyone nor does she care how she looks or what she’s doing. She just loves the way she feels and won’t stop until something makes her. She is my forever inspiration.”