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Most Influential Phoenicians 2019


Female athletes who have been to the Olympics and beyond. Game-changing doctors and bold business leaders. The talented stars of the local art scene. Philanthropists with an eye on the betterment of the community. Let us introduce you to 32 of the Valley’s most influential men and women.



10 Things to do This Weekend in Phoenix: Family Edition

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Looking to enjoy the cooler temperatures and fall festivities? Seek no further. Check out these 10 family-friendly, local outings and celebrate the start of a new season. You won’t want to miss out on the fun, Sept. 20 to Sept. 22.


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Hispanic Heritage Month 

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is hosting Hispanic Heritage month, and you can join in on the fun this weekend. Learn about Latino culture...


Emmy Award Winner Peter Scolari Talks Role Versatility, Musical Theater and Tom Hanks

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People respond most to authenticity. And as a performer, your perhaps greatest tool is your ability to sincerely connect with an audience in a way that moves them emotionally, inspires a charge to a cause or encourages them to reassess their perceptions of something.

It’s a feat that even some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and actresses have failed to achieve. The sure sign of a performer whose art is centered on transparent connectivity is the proof that their career can flawlessly span decades. The reality is that if an audience loved you once, they’ll continue to love your progression...


10 Things to do This Weekend in Phoenix

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Exciting endeavors sweep the Valley this weekend, Sept. 13 to Sept. 15. From self-care to scrumptious eats, there’s truly something for everyone. Mark your calendars and join in on the end-of-summer fun.




Soul Summit Scottsdale

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul this Friday, Sept. 13, at the Soul Summit experience. Attendees will learn how to immerse in a life of high vibrations, as well as...


10 Things to do this Weekend in Phoenix

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It is the weekend before the start of fall, and Arizona is ready to welcome the season with open arms but not before kissing summer goodbye. Spend the weekend of Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 savoring the last of 2019’s summer with quality food, drinks and entertainment.



AZ Restaurant Week Image.jpg

Fall Arizona Restaurant Week

Foodies, it is the Friday of your dreams. Starting Sept. 20, Arizona is kicking off its Fall...

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