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Gifting is a wonderful experience. Taking the time to carefully consider what kind of things your friend or loved one would like to unwrap, then seeing the response on their face when they see your gift is amazing. The better you get at choosing products that your friends appreciate, the more fun the gift-giving process becomes. However, sometimes, after you’ve been friends with someone, or had a relationship for a while, it can be difficult to make your gift feel extra special. You get into a bit of a predictable routine, which means that there’s no real awe or surprise in the event anymore. If you’ve been looking for ways to spice up your gifts, here are some top tips to get you started.

Look for Extra Meaning

Flowers are some of the easiest and most attractive gifts to give for any occasion. However, they can easily lose their flair if you’re not careful to select a specific type of bloom to give. If you’re looking for a special occasion like sending to celebrate a birthday, then take a look online for insights into what different flowers and colors mean. There are guides that can show you exactly what each flower stands for. Once you know the deeper meaning behind the flowers you send, you can sign up for a subscription service that sends the most beautiful flowers to your friends for free, along with a card that outlines the meaning of each one you chose. 

Personalize the Gift

There are plenty of great ways to personalize the gifts that you give these days. Looking for meaningful flowers is a good start, but you can also look into things like special engravings on the items that you buy, such as a keepsake box with a person’s name carved into it. Alternatively, look for special versions of products that can come in your friend’s favorite colors or scents. Personalization is an easy way to take a simple gift and elevate it’s meaning to the next level. Something as simple as having your friend’s name written on the back of a pendent that you give her could be enough to really make your gift something that they hold close to their heart for years to come. 

Wrap it Carefully

Finally, this is an often-overlooked way to make a gift feel more special, but it’s surprisingly effective too. Wrapping your gifts carefully ensures that you make the gift giving process into more of a special experience for everyone involved. Think about the kind of wrapping paper that your friend or relative would love, and the added extras that could make opening the gift more special. Could you add a ribbon to the flowers you buy in your friend’s favorite color or include a gift tag where you leave a hand-written and personal message about your friendship. Wrapping a gift carefully demonstrates that you’re willing to put in additional time and effort into making sure that you get the biggest smile from the person that you care about.