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Just as the wedding season got underway last year, couples across the country had to prioritize the health and safety of others by canceling or postponing their festivities. Venues were closed to the general public, and supply chain issues made acquiring everything from favors to wedding gowns challenging. Not to mention, traveling and gathering in groups is all but restricted. While this has created obstacles for engaged couples, millennials have found a way to make their special day happen anyway. Continue reading to learn how. 

Wedding Websites

Millennials are moving away from traditions like invitations, menu inserts, and RSVP cards for hosting a wedding as it can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, they’ve turned to tech resources like free wedding websites to communicate with friends and family. 

Much like invitations, these digital platforms allow couples to customize their love story to share with the masses. They can upload photographs and videos, share tidbits on how they met or their journey to engagement, and so much more. Wedding websites have features that make it easy to send out virtual invitations and manage guest totals, menu options, and special accommodation requests. 

Video Conference Software

The wedding planning process involves a lot of in-person meetings. Couples make appointments to consult with wedding planners, venue representatives, and other vendors to ensure their vision comes to life. Unfortunately, in-person meetings are risky during a pandemic. Relying again on technology, millennials have leveraged video conferencing software to get the job done. They can schedule virtual tours of wedding venues or hold remote meetings with everyone from the bridal party to the caterer. 

Online Shopping

If there’s one thing brides-to-be love about planning a wedding, it’s retail therapy. They could spend hours shopping for fabrics, shoes, decorations, favors, fashions, and other wedding necessities with their closest friends and family in tow. During the pandemic, however, spending too much time indoors puts your health at risk. Fortunately, there are eCommerce websites available to purchase whatever you need for your big day. They have instant access to everything from trendy wedding gowns to gorgeous floral arrangements. 

Wedding Registries

At some point during the wedding planning process, couples travel to their favorite stores in search of items they’d like to receive as gifts. The experience was often fun and exciting as they used their scanners to add must-haves to their registries and blend styles for their new home. As shopping is still something you should only do for necessities, modern couples have started wedding registries online. They can find everything they need for the home or otherwise at their favorite stores, create an account, and send the list to guests via email, text, or social media post. Some wedding registry platforms allow couples to keep track of which items have been purchased and by whom so they can draft thank you cards more effectively. 

Virtual Weddings

For financially strapped millennials or couples that prefer to play it safe, virtual weddings have become a popular trend. The idea is to plan a wedding ceremony that will be broadcast over a live stream for guests to watch. Some couples invite a few close relatives to their home to share in their special day in person while the rest of the guests watch online. This concept has proven to not only be pandemic-friendly but easy on the wallet. The savings they get from hosting a virtual wedding is then used to take a lavish honeymoon. 

The pandemic has already taken so much from everyone; why allow it to stand in the way of true love? Millennials are making the most of unfavorable circumstances by going forward with their wedding plans. With the use of digital platforms, tools, and resources like those discussed above, they can plan the wedding of their dreams and share this special moment with those they care about without compromising anyone’s health or finances in the process.