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Tips for Getting a Jump on 2022 Resolutions


Before 2022 arrives, it can be helpful to prepare yourself for any New Year's resolutions you may have. Indeed, you don't have to wait to begin improving your quality of life. Here are a few tips for gaining an advantage over your resolutions.


Four Ways To Spruce Up Your Life with Classic Rock


If you are a fan of classic rock music, then you already know there is no right time or place to break out those iconic tunes. It goes without saying that nearly everyone who was touched by the brilliance of John Lennon or the eclectic stage presence of Ringo Starr is still one of their diehard fans.


5 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding


The wedding day is one of the most important days in the lives of two people. It signifies their commitment to each other and allows them to celebrate with friends and family. With all that pressure, it can be easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of stress, especially when planning an eco-friendly wedding. Here are five tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding.


12 AZ Teens Eligible to Win a FULL Scholarship for a Weekend-Long Leadership Program


12 AZ Teens Eligible to Win a FULL Scholarship for a Weekend-Long Leadership Program - U The Teen Leader, August 6-8, 2021
Nominate a deserving teen (ages 14-18) by June 14, 2021

A staggering 95% of teens say they have felt inferior at some point in their lives and 90% say they carry emotional scars. Do you have a teen who could use a confidence boost, needs to build their self-esteem or could use help in figuring out a plan for their...


Squash That End of Summer Slide With These Healthy Tips


Summer is soon coming to a close. Children will go back to school, college students will make their way back to dorms, and the relaxed pace of the hot summer months will be replaced with the busy hustle of the fall. Sadly, this means that many healthy habits start to take a back seat. Exercise gets replaced with errands, the days get shorter, and food changes from fresh summer produce to fall and winter comfort foods. While it’ll still be hot here in Arizona, cooler days are coming. Here’s how you can take advantage of the coming months to work on your health goals without losing the progress you made over the summer.

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