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Just as flowers can arise from ashes, in the midst of the economic recession, a business can develop and flurry.


10 Reasons Why Your Sofa May Be the Most Important Furnishing You Own

La Maison curved sofa copy

10 Reasons Why Your Sofa May Be the Most Important Furnishing You Own:

It’s something that you utilize everyday. You come home and ‘plop’ right down on it. Your pets rest on it waiting for you to return home. Your entire room is centered on its existence. Your sofa is quite beloved; the infrastructure of the room.

 1.Your sofa is an investment: It’s the furnishing on which you and family will spend a lot of time, so you want it to endure the test of time, and you want it to reflect your style. There’s no arguing that.


10 DIY Home Cleaners


The start of fall means more outdoor activities and more people in your home, which inevitably leaves more dirt and stains to clean up. Many people turn to cleaners packed with chemicals, but it’s easy to make your own safe and natural cleaners for every type of surface in your home from wicker furniture to your favorite furry friend. Hometalk, a top online home and garden Web site, gave AFM their top 10 DIY natural home cleaners that are useful year round.

  1. Salt Water for Wicker Furniture-Salt water...

5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Backyard

While Arizona summers are more a time for swimming in your pool than barbecuing in your backyard, the fall is a great time to have friends over for drinks and to roast some s’mores. Before you send out the invites, though, you may need to spruce up your backyard first. Here are some tips from Nancy Duffy of Imagine Backyard Living, a custom backyard and pool designer located in Scottsdale, for Arizonans looking to spruce up their home.


Luxury Apartment of the Month: San Privada in Gilbert

Gilbert residents can look forward to the opening of a brand new luxury living community in July.


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