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“Junking” is No Joke at WestWorld’ Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market


With the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning: the time where closets are shed of their old pieces and garages are rid of any cobweb-collecting items. However, as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Or, in this case, one woman’s junk is another woman’s gem.



The Dump Details: Luxury Handmade Rugs

The Dump Furniture Outlet Arizona

The Dump, America’s number one furniture outlet, sells handmade rugs through its unique set of rules. These rugs are high-end, handmade household luxuries that will brighten up any room with its intricate patterns and colors. That being said, The Dump has decided to have a sale on these once highly-priced items.

This furniture outlet is known for its five rules. Amongst those five rules is its mission is to sell brand-name items to customers for realistic prices and in doing so, making sure they don’t get charged more than...


The Dump's Luxury Show Room Launches

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Every Friday morning, America’s number one furniture outlet transforms into a new store, offering the latest and greatest selection of premiere furniture at a discounted rate.

Sticking true to its five rules, The Dump, this one of a kind furniture retail store pledges to never overcharge its customers for name brand items. Open only three days a week, The Dump helps cut costs for its customers by cutting the cost of operation and ensuring the best price for them.

The Dump launched the...


The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece



This Thanksgiving don’t let the turkey receive all the attention on the dining room table. Eric Buterbaugh, Chief Floral Designer for The Bouqs, has provided some great ideas and tips for gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpieces that will definitely your guests.



When it comes to fall centerpieces, Buterbaugh does not believe they have to be flashy to be beautiful. He loves the florals to look natural and simply placed on the table. He suggests having groupings of single...


Revamp Your Outdoor Space: Summer Patio DIYs


While it may be hot in Phoenix right now, Arizonans are lucky enough to be able to use their patios pretty much year-round, unlike the rest of the country that says goodbye to theirs starting in mid-fall. Here are some DIYs from design expert and TV personality Genevieve Gorder that will make your patio inviting all year long. And while most of us may not venture outside for more than five minutes right now unless it’s to relax at the pool, these DIYs might just coax you. 

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