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10 Reasons Why Your Sofa May Be the Most Important Furnishing You Own:

It’s something that you utilize everyday. You come home and ‘plop’ right down on it. Your pets rest on it waiting for you to return home. Your entire room is centered on its existence. Your sofa is quite beloved; the infrastructure of the room.

 1.Your sofa is an investment: It’s the furnishing on which you and family will spend a lot of time, so you want it to endure the test of time, and you want it to reflect your style. There’s no arguing that.

2. It’s typically the place where you and your family sit the most: Everyone’s together to watch the big game, where do you sit? Everyone’s settling down in the evening, where do they rest? Everyone’s enjoying their company, where do they just hang out? The sofa.

3. It’s the focal point of the family room: Your sofa transforms a static room into a multi-dimensional room. Other than a decorative television stand, the sofa is the largest piece in the room as well- there’s obviously no missing it.

4. It adds to the style of your room: Style is important---does your sofa fit the design style of your home? Is it tailored? Casual? The sofa, just as any other piece, has it’s own personal style, color, texture, etc.

Tips for Buying a New Sofa:

5. Know how to care for leather! When opting for leather, make sure you understand how to maintain leather and keep it in good condition. It’s a whole different ballpark for maintenance.

6. Comfort is KEY! You’ll be spending a lot of time seated, so make sure it’s enjoyable.

7. Be careful with pets! Do you own pets that will be allowed on the sofa?  If so, choose an appropriate fabric. Pet claws will scratch leather.

8. Be daring with color and fabric! Allow your sofa to make a statement (as long as it’s still comfortable). It’s not just a piece to use for convenience; it’s also meant for style.

9. Allow space! If your space allows, place your sofa away from the wall and feature the back of the sofa.  Many sofas (and chairs) now have beautifully detailed backs—tufted, buttons, grommets, pleated, etc.

10. Make it fit! Make sure your sofa not only “fits” the size of your family, but that it also “fits” the size of the room!

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