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Put Yourself Into Your Favorite Books with "InTheBook"


I'll be honest, and I am not the most prolific reader out there. I have always had a passion for magazines, but when it comes to sitting down and reading a book. My attention span is super short, and I end up staring at a wall than absorbing the written material. 


The Arizona Animal Welfare League’s New Summer Camp Programs

summer camp banner

The Arizona Animal Welfare League’s robust education department is geared up for summer with three revamped week-long camp programs for kids between the ages of 6 and 17: Dog Days at Kitty Camp, Animal Advocacy, and Veterinary Science Camp. 

Campers can spend an unforgettable, interactive, and animal-filled week exploring a range of topics focusing on animal care, veterinary medicine, responsible pet ownership, and how to have a future working on...


The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022


Gift-giving can feel stressful at times; after all, plenty of us know the woman who has everything. Even for those who may not want anything in this life, there are still amazing gifts you can give them. Showing your appreciation through a present isn't always about the physical item you provide, but more about its idea - I see you, I appreciate you. I'm honoring you through this gift. No one on the planet works harder than a mother, so you want to make sure the women you're shopping for this year get the best of the best when it comes to their gifts. Let's look at some presents that will easily convey how much you love the mothers in your life this year. 


Navigating Life as a Newly Single Mom


Life doesn't always go the way we expect it to, and you can end up being thrown some curveballs along the way. Going from being in a relationship with a solid support system to being newly single is hard. This is uncharted territory for you and it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Arizona is full of great resources for parents to help you navigate your new journey. No matter what you're feeling now, understand that it will get better. 


Lessons Moms Should Take From The Pandemic


The rollercoaster ride known as the coronavirus pandemic is coming to an end. Vaccinations safeguard more than half the population and new case statistics start to decline. As the world moves towards some sense of normalcy, the pandemic left behind several problems and uncertainties. For parents, not knowing what lies ahead adds to their apprehension as they strive to protect their children during these trying times. 

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