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I'll be honest, and I am not the most prolific reader out there. I have always had a passion for magazines, but when it comes to sitting down and reading a book. My attention span is super short, and I end up staring at a wall than absorbing the written material. 

However, In The Book makes reading more captivating by placing your loved ones into the novels themselves. 

Your child, friends, and family now can have a direct role to play in all of their personalized storybooks! You are woven into the magic of the story, transforming text into a keepsake and not another book on the shelf.

From timeless Disney books, classic literature, and even sports memorabilia, In the Book allows individuals to see their name on every page.  

Adults will find a book they can thoroughly gravitate toward and want on their coffee tables. Their sportsbooks are treasures to behold. You can give the perfect memorabilia designed around the recipient's favorite team or sport, reported on by The LA Times, The Washington Post, and The Dallas Morning News, from baseball to football.

My favorite movie of all time growing up was The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. In The Book gave me a way to be a part of the magic. 


I now have a customized printed book of my all-time favorite movie! Granted, I'm an adult, but now I have a piece of my childhood that was created just for me. In the future, when I have kids, I now have something to share with them and pass it along for generations. 

Anyone interested in having your favorite pieces of literature or children's book becoming a personal keepsake, head to In The Book to see all options they have for readers! 

For more information, visit https://www.inthebook.com/en-us/