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3 Reasons to Get CamelBak Kids’ Mini M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

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With social distancing being the biggest trend today and health and exercise currently a common topic of parents around the globe, you need to know about CamelBak...


A (Worn Out) California Parent’s Advice During Social Distancing


Hi, Arizona friends. If you’ll hang on just a second, I have to shout at someone. 


A Guide to Keeping Your Kids Busy in Quarantine


With most of us staying indoors nowadays, it can be hard to keep your little ones busy, entertained and learning. So we came up with a list of ideas to help you navigate through these indoorsy days, including several free resources.



 Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go on an adventure and learn yoga with Cosmic Kids for free. 

DIY Bubbles

Make and blow some bubbles in the...


10 Tips for Working from Home with Kids

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As the threat of COVID-19 grows, schools are closing and many parents are, for the first time, working from home. This situation has brought kids and work together like never before. Work-life balance is taking on a whole new meaning as many parents are facing the prospect of simultaneously managing both. The kitchen counter is now a pop-up cubicle. Virtual meetings are made possible by the few minutes of silence brought to you by Paw Patrol. Business negotiations are happening at nap time. And as a parent, if you’ve always kept work and home separate, you might be challenged in ways you never...


7 Ways Busy Moms Can Help Their Struggling Teens


Being a mom is really hard sometimes. Being the busy mom of a teenager is extra hard. Your adolescent is growing at warp speed. Their body changes every day and even they can't keep up with it. That can cause rifts between you and your child that sometimes feel insurmountable. It sometimes also causes situations where you need to reach out and get them some help.

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